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Monday Night is Taco Night

Hi All – I hope everyone had a great back to work day and a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday 🙂 I really enjoyed my five days away from the office. It was my longest break from work in several months, perhaps since last holiday season! It was a much needed time away… I woke up this…… Continue reading Monday Night is Taco Night

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Thursday dinner and Friday lunch…

Hi All – In order to get more blog entries done, I’m trying something new. Blogging during my 15 minute afternoon break! I brought my computer and accessories to work with me today to see if this was something that could be worth while. Last night for dinner I made a huge salad with lots…… Continue reading Thursday dinner and Friday lunch…

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Hey All – So, long time no blog, yet again. I am definitely still working on the whole work, food, life, exercise balance thing… One day (soon I hope!) I will get it down. Until then, I will blog as often as I can 🙂 What have I been up to? Here are some photos…… Continue reading Thursday

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Hey All – So, it’s Monday night and I have accomplished a few things on my post-work to do list for the day – exciting! But first a brief re-cap of the day. I woke up bright and early at 6:05 this morning – even though it was twenty minutes after my alarm went off…… Continue reading Monday


Oh Blog, How I Miss You…

Hi Readers – Today as I was commuting to work, I promised myself that I would be doing a blog post tonight if it was the last thing I do! When I started the blog the point was to prove that you can balance your life… find the time to work, commute, exercise, eat healthily…… Continue reading Oh Blog, How I Miss You…