Dinner from a Friend

So often when people are going through things in life, I like to make a meal and bring it over to them. For me, cooking for someone is how I show that I care. Food is love. It is as simple as that sometimes. My grandmother has been in the hospital for a week now.…… Continue reading Dinner from a Friend


Soba Noodle Bowls

In the spring there is nothing I like to do more than pack up my car and head to Vermont for a few days. I am very lucky because I have been able to do that for the past four years. I love the trip, and we focus on wonderful, local food while we are…… Continue reading Soba Noodle Bowls


Cookbook Project

In my house we have been talking about cookbooks a lot. How many cookbooks do we have? Am I addicted to cookbooks (um, yes, obviously!) What are my favorite cookbooks? How can we best organize the many, many cookbooks? How can I catalog the cookbooks? The conversations go on and on. I’ve been trying to…… Continue reading Cookbook Project


An Inspired Dinner

Tonight I cooked an inspired dinner! Last night I got out one of my favorite cookbooks, The SkinnyTaste Cookbook, and picked out a recipe that looked flavorful and fun. Last night I picked out Gina’s recipe for Chicken Pasta Caprese to make for dinner tonight. I loved the photo in the cookbook, and truly made…… Continue reading An Inspired Dinner