Pot Roast Used to Scare Me…

  One of the few meals that I remember from my childhood that did not belong to my mom or dad was pot roast. A family friend made an amazing pot roast and I always ate it over match stick egg noodles. Growing up, it was one of the few meals which focused on red meat…… Continue reading Pot Roast Used to Scare Me…


Grilled Salmon Dinner

When I got home tonight I had no idea what I was going to do for dinner. Thankfully I came home to a salmon fillet, fresh tomatoes and I knew I had the makings for a great dinner! I got out my grill pan and started prepping. I sprayed my grill pan with coconut oil…… Continue reading Grilled Salmon Dinner

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Plated: A Review

A couple of weekends ago the Sous Chef and I were going through a bit of a culinary crisis.   We make a lot of chicken in this house. Usually we make chicken breast because it is a lean source of protein. I do not really eat a lot of red meat or pork, and…… Continue reading Plated: A Review

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Wednesday night

Hi All – I guess I’m nearly caught up now. I worked late tonight – so my running / workout schedule is totally messed up for this week! Hopefully I will get back on track tomorrow. For dinner tonight I decided to make a salad.  The salad consisted of spinach, broccoli (my favorite!), cherry tomatoes,…… Continue reading Wednesday night


Girls Night!

Tonight my sister and I met up after work and drove home to Rhode Island.  We enjoyed a really fun night with my mom. We had a chickpea, tomato, garlic, dish for dinner. It was very good! The recipe actually calls for adding feta cheese the last few minutes of cooking… I took out my…… Continue reading Girls Night!