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Wednesday night

Hi All –

I guess I’m nearly caught up now. I worked late tonight – so my running / workout schedule is totally messed up for this week! Hopefully I will get back on track tomorrow.

For dinner tonight I decided to make a salad.  The salad consisted of spinach, broccoli (my favorite!), cherry tomatoes, carrots, and tuna.  I added croutons and my favorite Newman’s Own Lighten Up Low Fat Sesame Ginger Dressing (I like this dressing soooo much).

dec17dinnerThe salad was really great. It made up for the fact that I had three cookies this afternoon at the office cookie swap.   The cookies were definitely worth it though! Stephanie’s ginger snaps are still my all time favorite – she promises to bring the recipe in one of these days…!

Here is a photo of my Tupperware after I traded cookies with my colleagues. Now I have to figure out what to do with a container full of cookies in my house! Hopefully I will not end up eating all of them.

cookieswapHere is a special cookie that my friend Jenny made. It is a peanut butter cookie (always my favorite kind of cookie, besides the special ginger snaps!) in the shape of a reindeer! I thought this cookie was soooo cute and it definitely deserved it’s solo picture on the blog tonight!


Besides enjoying our salads for dinner tonight – I spent a good deal of time in the kitchen this morning making two loaves of Amish Friendship Bread because my starter was ten days old. I now have four bags of starter… three to give away.  Well blog readers – if any of you would like a starter, just let me know! There are three up for grabs 🙂

I just tasted the bread – and it is very good! Of course I added more spices than my original recipe called for – but it totally made the bread even better! I added cinnamon, ginger, and pumpkin spices! Yum!

Well – I’m going to sign off for now. Hope you all had a great hump day!


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