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New Year’s Eve

I cannot believe it is nearly 2009!  I have been enjoying another snowy day, today. We have a few inches on the ground and there is no sign of the snow letting up any time soon! I had planned to go running at the gym today – but the roads were pretty bad this morning…… Continue reading New Year’s Eve


I made it to lunch on Tuesday

Well, judging by my earlier post today – I was starving by 12 Noon on Tuesday!  I have to say that my lunch was amazing and really filling! Here are some unattractive photos: I think the grapes, almonds and apple really held me over most of the afternoon! Of course the bread was a fantastic…… Continue reading I made it to lunch on Tuesday

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A re-cap of yesterday

Monday was Day 1 of my two day work week. It was a huge help that I packed my lunch the night before – and I was able to get to work by 8am on Monday morning. Getting to work at 8am  is an important and  great set up for a productive day.  When I…… Continue reading A re-cap of yesterday


Is it Lunch time yet!?

Hi Bloggies – I have to say, even though I am working only two days this week – it is still hard to get through my last day of work. I am looking forward to another mini-vacation (5 days off)! I started getting hungry for lunch around 10:45 today!  There are only a few more…… Continue reading Is it Lunch time yet!?

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Getting ready for Monday – packing lunch!

Hi All – I am just wrapping up a productive Sunday and Sunday night. I am returning to my roots – of packing lunch the night before! It is such a great feeling waking up in the morning, knowing that your coffee is being made and that your lunch is already ready and waiting in…… Continue reading Getting ready for Monday – packing lunch!

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Gym and food!

Hi Everyone – I’m so happy to report that I did end up going to the gym yesterday afternoon. The new Boston Sports Club on the East Side of Providence is AMAZING. Yesterday was their first day open – and I went to enjoy the “newness”. I ran 3 1/2 miles on their brand new…… Continue reading Gym and food!

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And the vacation continues….

Hi everyone – I hope you’re all enjoying a great weekend. It is raining here in Rhode Island today — which is making it hard for me to get going to the gym 😦  A new Boston Sports Club is opening on the East Side of Providence (literally – today is their first day open!)…… Continue reading And the vacation continues….


Amish Friendship Bread update

Hi guys – Well today my Amish Friendship Bread starter was 10 days old – so I made the bread. I think the last time I did this (ten days ago!) I was discussing how the recipe was not the most healthy thing. So today I made my first official change to it! Instead of…… Continue reading Amish Friendship Bread update

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Post Holiday Post!

Hi Everyone! Sorry I’ve been away for a couple of days. I hope everyone is enjoying the holiday season! Things are going well here in Rhode Island – I am enjoying the mini-vacation I am on. Christmas eve Ben and I arrived at my family’s house in Rhode Island around 1pm. We enjoyed a lunch…… Continue reading Post Holiday Post!

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Tuesday – last day before vacation!

Hi Everyone – Wow – so I am officially on vacation now – yes!  It feels so nice to be on break.  I woke up this morning realizing that I just had to get through one more day before holiday break – and that was all I needed to get motivated! For coffee this morning,…… Continue reading Tuesday – last day before vacation!