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Gym and food!

Hi Everyone –

I’m so happy to report that I did end up going to the gym yesterday afternoon. The new Boston Sports Club on the East Side of Providence is AMAZING. Yesterday was their first day open – and I went to enjoy the “newness”. I ran 3 1/2 miles on their brand new treadmills – which are fantastic! They all have iPod docking stations – and when you plug your iPod into the treadmill – all of your songs,  , etc pop up on the treadmill screen (which is touch screen of course!) and you can just go through your play lists using the treadmill screen. It was pretty fun!

After the run I went home and had a chicken salad sandwich, an orange and a few potato chips. It felt great to get the run done for the day.

The chicken salad is from Willow Tree Farms which has a store down the road from my mom’s house. (we love their chicken pies in the winter!) The mustard that I used was Jack Daniels Mustard – which is totally fantastic!
Eventually Mom, Sarah and I started to head back to Boston. It was about 7pm when we made it to my house, where Ben and his mom were excited to see us! Ben & his mom had enjoyed the day in Salem, MA and had come home with a cabinet for our kitchen. It works so perfectly and gives us more counter space. Yay!
Here is a picture of Daisy hanging out in the new cabinet before Ben had put our stuff on the shelf 🙂

After we finished unloading the car with my stuff mom, Sarah and I decided to have dinner at Cabot’s.  Cabot’s is one of our favorite places in Newton. It is an old fashioned ice cream parlor that has been around since 1969! My mom and dad used to eat there when they first lived in Newton Centre.  We love going there – and last night we actually had dinner instead of ice cream (I’m so proud of myself!)  😉

I ordered a make your own burger. I just added American Cheese (boring – but sooo good!) I love thier hamburgers so much because they are only 1/3 of a pound – I rarely order hamburgers in restaurants because they are always soo big! But the Cabot’s burger is perfect. Because I did not order a side with my burger, they gave me a great slice of cantaloupe! It was really great as well.

My burger came with lettuce and tomato. The tomato was soo beautiful – not the type of tomato you get at your average restaurant. I had three slices of a lovely and ripe tomato which really made the hamburger so good!

I came home after dinner and enjoyed a movie night with Ben and his mom. We watched a fantastic movie that we had all wanted to see for a while – Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day and it was so wonderful! We all enjoyed it. We also enjoyed the brownies that Ben made!! Thanks Ben!

Ok, well we’re getting ready to start our day. I have to get ready – as we’re leaving for The DeCordova Museum in a few minutes.

Gotta run!

Go Patriots!!


One thought on “Gym and food!

  1. That treadmill sounds AWESOME! I can’t even believe something like that exists. WOW.

    I luved Miss Pettigrew too! So cute. I luv Amy Adams. She’s awesome.

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