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Mix and Match

The last few days have been a mix and match of lovely dinners, make shift lunches and one of my favorite things during the work week – tasty leftovers!!  On Sunday I made a go to lunch – an egg, tomatoes and cheese wrap! This lunch is so simple, tasty and satisfying. Even better for…… Continue reading Mix and Match

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Julia’s Zucchini Gratin

This week started out with a great Italian ragu – but quickly turned back to some good old fashioned French Cooking!! (My favorite!)  The other day I discovered an old favorite from Julia Child’s Mastering the Art of French Cooking Volume II thanks to Food 52.   I love Food 52 especially for their timely…… Continue reading Julia’s Zucchini Gratin

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A Change of Dinner Plans

As I was driving to work today, I was so excited about receiving my second shipment from Plated this afternoon.  I planned my evening in my head. Because I would not have to go to the grocery store or think much about dinner, I could go for a run after work and throw in a…… Continue reading A Change of Dinner Plans

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Grilled Halibut with Lemon Basil Vinaigrette

I must say, cooking a couple of nights with my Plated box really got me back in the mood to cook and be creative at dinner time. On Thursday, I decided to cook halibut. I found a simple but wonderful recipe on Epicurious and I had almost all of the ingredients at home already -…… Continue reading Grilled Halibut with Lemon Basil Vinaigrette

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Plated: A Review

A couple of weekends ago the Sous Chef and I were going through a bit of a culinary crisis.   We make a lot of chicken in this house. Usually we make chicken breast because it is a lean source of protein. I do not really eat a lot of red meat or pork, and…… Continue reading Plated: A Review


Salmon Leftovers

Hi Blog Readers – Happy Monday.   I don’t really know what to say about my day. I survived? All in all, it was not all that bad. Work was interesting, I did not snack all day (always a victory in my world!) I talked to a great friend on the phone, I enjoyed a…… Continue reading Salmon Leftovers

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Saturday Morning Run

This morning I accomplished a four mile run. It was rather hot, which made it a little hard – but I was so happy that I was able to accomplish four miles today! I even enjoyed myself and pushed myself to get it done.  I put on a lot of SPF 50 before I went…… Continue reading Saturday Morning Run

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Saturday Morning

I am so thankful that it is a Saturday morning and not a Friday morning. When I woke up this morning, I almost started getting ready for work because my brain was positive it was a work day and not a weekend. Thankfully it only took me a moment to remember it was Saturday. I…… Continue reading Saturday Morning


Culinary Crisis and a Turkey Chili Recipe!

Over the weekend, the sous chef and I ran into a serious culinary crisis. We both decided that we could not stand the thought of eating chicken. The idea made him sick, and I wasn’t much better. The idea of eating cereal for dinner was much more appetizing than grilling the organic chicken breast we…… Continue reading Culinary Crisis and a Turkey Chili Recipe!

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On Thursday of last week I met a good friend for Crepes in Coolidge Corner. We met up at the Paris Creperie to talk about France and eat delicious crepes. It was a lovely evening!  During our dinner experience, the hardest part for me was figuring out what to order – all of the savory…… Continue reading Crepes!