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On Thursday of last week I met a good friend for Crepes in Coolidge Corner. We met up at the Paris Creperie to talk about France and eat delicious crepes. It was a lovely evening! 

During our dinner experience, the hardest part for me was figuring out what to order – all of the savory crepes looked so good! I finally decided on a crepe called Lilli’s. It was a parmesan infused crepe filled with avocado (perfectly ripened and so tasty!), cheddar cheese, broccoli, Roma tomatoes, asparagus and spinach. It came with a side of nicely dressed mixed greens which I also devoured!  I was not quite sure what to expect from my crepe, and I wondered if it would be a good choice for dinner – I was very hungry before we sat down. I was surprised (and happy!) to see how large my crepe was:

Image 8

My crepe was definitely large and stuffed with the fresh vegetables.  My friend’s crepe was more of the traditional image I had in my head. She had ordered a delicious ham and brie crepe. Originally, we had both wanted to split a classic Nutella and strawberry crepe for dessert, but we simply were full after eating our crepes and mixed greens. I was so happy with my crepe – I can’t wait to return to the Paris Creperie soon! You can find the Paris Creperie at 278 Harvard Street, Brookline, MA. Right in the middle of Coolidge Corner, close to the Walgreens. You can find their menu by clicking here

After leaving the Creperie, we walked over to Trader Joe’s where I purchased some key ingredients – cookie butter, organic raspberry jam, and wine. (Four bottles of wine to be precise, two white and two red.) After walking around Trader Joe’s, and Coolidge Corner, we dropped our wine off in the car and headed out for ice cream – it is summer after all!  For most of the summer I have been wanting to “go out for ice cream”. The sous chef and I did go out to a local farm for their (amazing) homemade ice cream on National Ice Cream day – but other than that I have found myself just dreaming of going out for ice cream and not actually doing it.  So when the opportunity arose, and my friend and I had taken time to walk and digest, we both decided that we had to head over to JP Licks for ice cream.  Normally when at JP Licks, I will get a small or kiddie size of their low fat hard yogurt because they have wonderful flavor options.  But on this night, there was a flavor in regular ice cream that I simply could not resist – peanut butter cookies n cream. I had never seen this flavor before!! My friend and I both had to try it – with chocolate sprinkles. It was fantastic – really hit the spot and lived up to the unreal expectations I had set up for my latest ice cream experience. 

On Saturday morning I had a peach and a latte for breakfast.  By lunch time I was excited to have a sandwich with some of the ingredients I picked up at Wegman’s on Friday afternoon.  I ended up almost recreating my dinner at the Creperie. Sadly, I did not make a crepe – but I substituted a low carb wrap for the crepe, which ended up being rather good. I filled the wrap with turkey, a slice of prosciutto and a slice of Jarlsberg cheese. I heated the wrap on our grill pan. As I was doing this, I came to realize that our grill pan basically doubles as a panini press, what a fun discovery! I made a salad on the side, and the end result was wonderful: 

Image 1

The cucumbers were another item fresh from our family’s garden. There is nothing like a fresh cucumber in the summer! The tomatoes were organically grown in a local farm – but not one that I have seen with my own eyes, but it had amazing flavor and really made the salad pop.  It was a big hit for a random lunch on Saturday, all inspired by my recent trip to The Paris Creperie! 


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