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Froyo for Dinner…

Hi there blog readers. I hope you have all had a good Tuesday. Personally, I cannot believe that tomorrow is Wednesday (ok, I just typed Friday for some reason – would it not be amazing if tomorrow was Friday and we already had another weekend?) – but really, Monday and Tuesday were good days, I…… Continue reading Froyo for Dinner…

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Good Deals @ the Grocery Store 7/19

Hi Blog readers. For those of you who live in the Boston / Providence metro area, just thought I’d let you know that Stop and Shop has blueberries, strawberries and blackberries on sale this week! I picked up a container of blueberries and strawberries yesterday. They are both good – the blueberries are a little…… Continue reading Good Deals @ the Grocery Store 7/19

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Hi Bloggies – I have no idea how it is Wednesday already! I thought I would do a brief re-cap and add photos tonight. This week I have been re-introducing over night oats to my diet – they are so perfect for breakfast!  The combo has been 1/2 cup oats, 1/2 cup low fat Stoneyfield…… Continue reading Wednesday

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Fall is in the Air

Hey All – Happy Hump Day. I feel particularly proud after surviving a sort of long day! 🙂 Because of a decent exit off of my train car, my awesome and new short cut, and the fact that the bus was RIGHT THERE when I got to the stop – I got to work five…… Continue reading Fall is in the Air

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Wednesday – a new do!

Hi Guys – Well, the haircut is a success, at least so far… My hair always looks great when I leave the salon because my stylist Erin is awesome! She took a few minutes before getting started this afternoon to look through some pictures with me and discuss what the plan was. I’m glad that…… Continue reading Wednesday – a new do!

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Monday again…

Hey All – Thank goodness I put together the overnight oats Sunday evening or else  I would have been pretty out of luck for breakfast this morning. Light vanilla soy milk, organic Trader Joe’s low fat vanilla yogurt (I’ll probably be getting plain next time – with the spices, vanilla soy milk, etc. I think…… Continue reading Monday again…

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Now that I’m back home…

I can finish up the earlier post! I’m still sad that my brilliant idea did not work out. Anyhow, last night I prepared my overnight oats again… I’m so glad that I did because they were fantastic once again! However, this morning I had a really hard time getting out of bed. If it was…… Continue reading Now that I’m back home…


Overnight oats – and a morning post!

Hey All – I cannot believe that I have time to do a morning post – sweet! 🙂 Last night I realized that I really wanted overnight oats, thankfully I realized it while there was still time to prepare them. I had never actually made overnight oats so I quickly went to Kath’s blog and…… Continue reading Overnight oats – and a morning post!