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I have some hope that this might actually be a fast work week! (I hardly ever say that!) 🙂 So far I can’t believe that tomorrow is Wednesday already. I had a good day today, I woke up early, got to work early, ate really well and got to the gym for a great workout.…… Continue reading Tuesday

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Summer is here…

…to stay? Wow, after this long weekend it certainly feels like summer is here to stay. We had hot, humid weather that was more like the middle of August rather than the end of May.  The menu at home has also swung into total summer gear which is pretty great. On the menu this weekend:…… Continue reading Summer is here…

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Run and a Reward

Sunday’s recap: Since yesterday’s run was so horrible, I made an effort to get my butt in gear a little earlier this morning. I set my alarm for 7:55 and eventually got out of bed by 8:20. I ate half a banana, had a small cup of coffee and was out on the trail by…… Continue reading Run and a Reward

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We are having quite the summer weather this holiday weekend. In typical New England style we have gone from typical early April weather (rainy, 50 degrees) to mid summer weather (hot, humid, high 80s) in a matter of a couple of days. I love spring. It usually lasts for about a week around here, and…… Continue reading Saturday

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Happy Memorial Day Weekend…

Hi there bloggies: So, I was pretty uninspired this week when it came to food. I had the a lot of the same food, and dinners were on the fly. This is what happens when you do not make a plan and have a Sunday night prep time. (I opted to go to the movies…… Continue reading Happy Memorial Day Weekend…


Frozen Burrito to the Rescue…

Today was just one of those days. It was raining (big surprise), it was a Monday, it took me one and a half hours to get to work, it was a super busy and long day at work, people were annoying me, I got bad news at work [thankfully, I guess, not regarding work] and…… Continue reading Frozen Burrito to the Rescue…

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Running and such

Ok, yes, I know – I have not posted in days. What happened to me, you might wonder… I don’t have an answer exactly – but rest assured, I am still here. The week was so busy, but it went by rather quickly. Almost every day I had either a Kashi bar or a yogurt…… Continue reading Running and such