Breakfast · Dinner · Lunch · Workout


I have some hope that this might actually be a fast work week! (I hardly ever say that!) 🙂 So far I can’t believe that tomorrow is Wednesday already. I had a good day today, I woke up early, got to work early, ate really well and got to the gym for a great workout. What a great way to start my week!

The thought of an awesome, fresh smoothie was enough to get me up at 5:35 this morning. I am sure that the three day weekend, and my exercising and resting up helped, too.

I got ready for work and went downstairs and made two smoothies.


Blueberries, bananas, plain yogurt, PB2, protein powder, ground flax, and chia seeds – oh and a dash of cinnamon.

At 10:30 my stomach started growling, so I opened up a peanut butter (chewy) Kashi bar. I ate half of it, and ate the other half at 11:15. It was a good mid morning snack. I was happy that my smoothie kept me full until 10:30 considering I started drinking it at 6:15 in the morning!

Lunch was a great salad with the left over grilled chicken from Sunday and Monday nights’ dinners. The salad also had lettuce, scallions, tomato, carrots and lots of different peppers. No salad dressing today! Along with the salad, I had a half of a peanut butter and jam sandwich on a piece of whole wheat bread, and an Adora calcium chocolate.


On my drive from work to the gym, I had my afternoon snack of two whole grain Fig Newtons. Fig newtons are actually pretty good snacks to take with you if you are going on a long run, bike or hike. They are easily transportable and easily digestible.

I got to the gym at 5:15. I did cardio for 40 minutes and then I had a half hour training session with my personal trainer. It was a pretty amazing visit to the gym. After the gym, I quickly went to the market where I picked up some more plain yogurt and some veggie burgers.

I finally sat down to dinner at 7:45 tonight! I was so happy to be eating my Boca burger on a whole wheat bun. I added lettuce, onions, and a tomato with dijon mustard. The burger was soo good. I could have had another one. But I had a couple of glasses of water instead.


Tonight’s dessert will be a 1/3 of a cup of plain yogurt mixed together with some PB2.

I am already looking forward to tomorrow morning’s smoothie! See you tomorrow 🙂


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