2012 – Day 30: A Case of the Mondays

Congratulations in getting through day one of the work week (at least for most of us – some of my blog readers start their work week on Tuesdays). Do you ever just want to pat yourself on the back for getting through a day? I sort of want to today. But I’m resisting 🙂 I…… Continue reading 2012 – Day 30: A Case of the Mondays

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Weekend Recap

This weekend was a really interesting mix of low key moments and getting together with friends. I made sure to get some rest so that my work week will (hopefully) not feel as daunting to me. Friday I worked late, yet again. But thankfully I went out to dinner with two of my friends after…… Continue reading Weekend Recap

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2012: Day 26. You Never Regret A Workout

Hello there bloggies. Tonight is a brief recap, because I am exhausted, in bed, and nearly falling asleep. The week is almost over but tomorrow will be the longest day of the week for me. Yesterday I had this for breakfast: Ha – not the entire container, but the last of it. Probably about 6…… Continue reading 2012: Day 26. You Never Regret A Workout

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Random Thought for the Night

Ok. I really need to be going to bed – but I had this random thought, and figured I’d put it out there. As I was unpacking my groceries tonight, I got to thinking. I would LOVE to see what an elite runner’s refrigerator and pantry looks like. (Of course I’m thinking Kara Goucher [my…… Continue reading Random Thought for the Night

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2012 – Day 24: The Nitty Gritty

Ok, so no one said running was easy, or pretty. Sometimes the things you have to deal with are down right disgusting. Blisters anyone? Bleeding nipples? <– Ok, I’ve only had a couple of my guy friends experience this horrible issue, but it is one of the more disheartening aspects of this sport) Being hit…… Continue reading 2012 – Day 24: The Nitty Gritty


2012 – Day 23: Happy New Year!!!

Hi there blog readers – Happy New Year! It is officially the year of the Dragon, and I hope this means good things for me because I am a double, fire dragon. 🙂 Do you know your Chinese Zodiac sign? I hope that you all had a great weekend. Did yours go by as quickly…… Continue reading 2012 – Day 23: Happy New Year!!!

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Winter has arrived in New England – better late than never? That would be my usual spiel… but this year I was definitely benefiting from not having a lot of snow on the ground. I have had to move a lot of my running to the treadmill in the last couple of days – I…… Continue reading Winter