2012 – Day 30: A Case of the Mondays

Congratulations in getting through day one of the work week (at least for most of us – some of my blog readers start their work week on Tuesdays). Do you ever just want to pat yourself on the back for getting through a day? I sort of want to today. But I’m resisting 🙂

I got up when I had to, took an extra long time getting ready for work today because I needed to look “sort of” nice. I got to work and realized I had not had coffee yet – it was 7:40 and I had been up for over two hours. How had I not consumed coffee yet? I quickly remedied the situation. Coffee had almost never tasted so good. Breakfast was Kashi go lean oatmeal. No picture because I was in sort of a rush during the first meal of the day.

At eleven o’clock I was not sure when I would be able to have lunch, so I grabbed a mini Larabar to tide me over until my actual lunch. Around one o’clock I ate lunch. Carrots and a almond butter and jam sandwich on an Arnold’s sandwich thin.

My afternoon snack was a diet coke. Due to the recent long hours and some stress at work, I had a couple of diet cokes last week. I repeated this weird trend this afternoon because it had been a long day and I was dragging.

I left work late today, but I was ok with it. I snacked on some whole wheat goldfish on my way home from work. I did not work out today because my legs were still killing me from the weekend’s workout. (WTF?!) So tomorrow I’ll need to get some miles in. It’s going to be another crazy day at work, so I hope I can make myself get the run in.

Remember how I told you that I ate out five days in a row last week? This week I am doing a bit of a cleanse. Not in the way that so many people think of “the cleanse” by not eating food or just eating freshly squeezed juices, etc. I am just eating healthy and trying to stay on track and giving my wallet a break too – eating out is expensive when you do it every night! But it certainly was a really fun week – and it brought a good balance to my week because I was working such long hours last week, too.

Dinner tonight was really kind of amazing and fresh. I made a homemade pizza using a pizza shell from Olga’s. I added a little bit of Trader Joe’s tomato sauce (0% sodium in this sauce!) I grated two garlic cloves and spread the garlic over the sauce. Then I added just a smidge of sea salt over the mixture. I sliced up a tomato and laid the slices on top of the sauce. Then I added a weird combo of cheese, and I was nervous about how it might come out. I added a mix of cheddar and monterey jack cheese. Guess what? It turned out to be pretty awesome!

I took a bite of the pizza before I could snap the photo tonight! 🙂


I made an amazingly fresh salad to have on the side (otherwise I would have eaten the entire pizza because it was a very thin crust and a small-ish pizza). The salad had mixed greens, red pepper, tomato, carrots and AVOCADO. Can we pause for a moment to discuss how much I love avocado?? Wow. This lovely flavor made my salad wonderful. I can’t wait to have more of the avocado tomorrow for lunch! While I made the salad for tonight, I made a salad for tomorrow and packed the rest of the pizza.

I have done laundry, picked up the house, run the dishwasher and a few other chores. Fun stuff! I am rewarding myself with an early night in bed – where I will continue watching the first season of Downton Abbey. How could I possibly be so late to the party which is Downton Abbey, you might ask?? Well, I watched the first episode last November before I got sick, and then I was in the hospital for a few episodes and by the time I got out of the hospital and was with it enough to follow a television show, the series was over for the season! Thankfully I found the first season on my Netflix last night and started watching again. Even though I only got through the first episode last night, I really liked it. I am excited to watch more tonight!

Happy Monday night everyone. I hope your week is off to a good start – see you tomorrow!


2 thoughts on “2012 – Day 30: A Case of the Mondays

  1. I’ve given up the diet coke. I used to drink TONS! I feel like it creeps up on you and one becomes two and then two becomes a case…..

    I share your love of avocado too! Super yummy had it on my black bean burger tonight.

    Your pizza looks fabulous. I’ll have to find those crusts!


    1. Hi Heather! Yeah, I’m a bit freaked out by my recent consumption of diet coke. I had a couple last week and then another one today. I think I need to switch back to my herbal tea in the afternoon. Diet coke freaks me out, too!! (I just read your post on diet coke on your blog!) Olga’s Cup & Saucer is a local place in Providence. I love their pizza shells!! Here is their website: http://olgascupandsaucer.blogspot.com/ 🙂 I’m thinking about having a veggie burger tomorrow and the avocado will go perfectly on it – thanks for the idea!

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