Summer Eats

It isn’t summer yet – and the weather has been rainy, cool and gray for the most part. The exception was the three days last week when we had temperatures ABOVE 90 degrees. Nothing like a heat wave in May.

Even though the weather has been gray this week (rain clouds were in the forecast every day for the next eight days) SC and I decided to make some fun summer food for dinner this week. On Monday night we grilled up some all beef (grass fed) hot dogs and we had two summery side dishes: whole wheat pasta vegetable salad and mango and jicama slaw. We ate this dinner as it was raining outside. But it made me feel like summer was just around the corner (one can hope!)

If you have a Trader Joe’s near you I highly recommend picking up some of the Mango Jicama slaw. It is so great and fun. I love the mix of sweet (mango), savory (jicama) and even a little spicy – the vinaigrette dressing that it comes with has a little bit of a kick due to the red pepper flakes mixed in. It is the perfect summery side dish.

During our “summery” dinner I also enjoyed the latest from Polar seltzer. I just loved that this seltzer was a strawberry rose! It was so fun and really made our dinner perfect.

Soon enough SC and I will be getting a new grill and I can’t wait to start grilling salmon and other great things outside – I think this will be a great summer season!


One thought on “Summer Eats

  1. Hey Heather thanks for the slaw tip. I have a Trader Joe’s a couple of miles up the road and will definitely try it ! As for the salmon, I cooked some on the grill Tuesday using a recipe that you had given your mom. Delicious!! Thanks!

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