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On Monday night my mom returned home from just over two weeks in France. She had an amazing vacation, and I planned a welcome home dinner for her. It included halibut that I picked up at the Farmer’s Market on Saturday. This piece of fish was a-mazing. Over the weekend I found my favorite french…… Continue reading Halibut

Cooking · Dinner

Fresh Vegetables

So it has been a while since my last blog post! Last week was downright crazy at work – and I spent the weekend cooking fresh vegetables and recovering from my long week. On Saturday I went to the Farmer’s Market on the East Side of Providence – a great time to go, there was…… Continue reading Fresh Vegetables

Breakfast · Lunch

Hump Day Breakfast and Lunch…

Hey ya’ll – happy hump day.  I had some decent eats today. Highlights? Lavender honey from the Troy, New York’s Farmer’s Market… so good! My salad was a hit, too. Let’s start with breakfast. Another whole wheat english muffin from Whole Foods. This time with the Saratoga peanut butter (also from the Troy farmer’s market) and the…… Continue reading Hump Day Breakfast and Lunch…


Encouraged to have a good day…

Saturday started out with some much needed encouragement. Brilliantly, on Friday night my friend Ned told me to call him when my alarm went off on Saturday morning. My alarm was going off at 6:30 in the morning so that I could get up and get ready to run early in order to beat this…… Continue reading Encouraged to have a good day…


Omelette for breakfast

Hi All – I hope you’re all having a lovely and long Labor Day weekend. I am enjoying this most amazingly beautiful weather by writing my blog entry from the deck! Ahh, September. It is my second favorite month (next to October) and it just has some of the most fantastic weather. In New England…… Continue reading Omelette for breakfast


Saturday – farmers market, etc.

Hey All – Happy Saturday!! It was such a beautiful day here in Providence and I’m thrilled to say that I spent most of the day outside. No humidity, beautiful blue skies and sunshine – who can ask for anything better? I started off this morning with a cup of coffee in my Black Dog…… Continue reading Saturday – farmers market, etc.