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A Five Day Work Week?

This week I have to go to work five whole days in a row. What!? It has been a long while since I had to work a five day work week. My body sort of does not remember what that means. Ugh. Last night, post Downton Abbey, I set my alarm for 5:55 AM. Yuck!…… Continue reading A Five Day Work Week?


Lunch and a snack

The last two days I have eaten a lot of the same, wonderful food. Pumpkin bread for breakfast as previously posted. A lovely salad with turkey and cashews for lunch and a big bowl of Greek yogurt with blueberries with a handful of Kashi Go Lean Crunch for an afternoon snack. The salad was spinach,…… Continue reading Lunch and a snack

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I am so glad that it is Tuesday evening. I don’t know about you – but my Tuesday was a lot better and more productive than my Monday. I would rather forget my commute home on Monday – forever. It took me over THREE hours to get home, unfortunately because there was a serious car…… Continue reading Tuesday

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Tuesday and a New Yogurt!

So much for the creative blog titles this week, I guess. More on the new yogurt in a few minutes. This morning I made a smoothie! I cannot remember why I got out of the habit of making them this summer, but I did. I was happy to have a smoothie this morning. But I…… Continue reading Tuesday and a New Yogurt!

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Happy Monday, blog readers. I do not know where to begin today, so I am going to tell you about a great dinner I had on Thursday night. After work on Thursday I met a friend at Amici Trattoria. I was very excited about having dinner at Amici’s. I had eaten food from Amici’s but…… Continue reading Monday


Tuesday Morning

I made a smoothie this morning – actually I made two.  Usually my smoothies are really packed with ingredients and quite nutritionally dense. This morning I just was not feeling it, so I made a lighter smoothie for the road. In the mix this morning: 2 handfuls of spinach A few frozen blueberries (maybe 1/4…… Continue reading Tuesday Morning

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Wrapping up the work week…

The week leading up to a big race is always so weird for me. I guess tapering is not my normal routine, and it throws me off a little bit. When I’m not running as much, I’m not as hungry. So I eat less and by the end of the week I’m exhausted. I also…… Continue reading Wrapping up the work week…

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2012 – Day Two (recap)

Gah. So I never got to the blog yesterday. I really don’t know why, because I didn’t do too much. Anyhow! Breakfast was a bowl of Autumn Wheat, my new favorite Kashi cereal. I especially like it because there is NO SODIUM in the cereal! I topped it with some banana, blueberries and 1% milk.…… Continue reading 2012 – Day Two (recap)

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Quite the day…

If you went back to work today, how did it go? My day back was not the worst in the world. But it was very quiet in my office and building today. I was the only one in my department at work today, but I was productive and got a lot of things done in…… Continue reading Quite the day…


The Day After…

Good morning, everyone! How is your morning going so far? Things here are pretty good. I am enjoying a day off – four day weekends are definitely the way to go! I love mornings when I do not have to rush because they are so rare. I slept in until 8:30 and now I am…… Continue reading The Day After…