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Saturday Night Cooking

Last Saturday was a great day. I went to Wegman’s for the first time ever and now I know first hand what a great grocery store this place is. I can’t wait to go back! Before I went to Wegman’s I had a recipe in mind for dinner, thanks to AllRecipes.Com. The recipe for the…… Continue reading Saturday Night Cooking

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The Rest of Friday

I survived the rest of Friday. It was a calmer day than Thursday had been, thankfully. Breakfast got me through until lunch without a problem – and that is always a great thing in my book. Lunch on Friday was pesto, whole wheat pasta and chicken sausage left overs. My lunch was definitely coveted a…… Continue reading The Rest of Friday

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Today is really Thursday…

So, I woke up this morning telling myself that today is really Thursday. Thank goodness I remembered. I had an important day at work. I had to put on a dress and some fancy shoes instead of my normal tee-shirt and jeans uniform for work.  I am not going to lie. It was really fun…… Continue reading Today is really Thursday…



Sunday did not get off to the same brilliant start that Saturday did. Well, maybe it did – but just in a very different way. It was the same deal, I was supposed to call Ned when my alarm went off and get out and go for an early morning run. This was supposed to…… Continue reading Sunday


My advice?

The other day someone asked me for my number one piece of advice for how to eat well on a daily basis. For a moment I was totally thrown for a loop. One, single most important piece of advice?! Eventually I came up with the one key to my ability to eat well every day.…… Continue reading My advice?

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Sunday Strawberry and Saturday Night Pesto…

Happy Sunday everyone. I don’t know about you – but I am freezing, and I’m wearing a few layers. I am pretty much ready for winter to be over. However, tomorrow they are forecasting a high of 47 degrees – gosh, that is almost 50! I am excited. The Red Sox are in Spring training…… Continue reading Sunday Strawberry and Saturday Night Pesto…


Tomatoes for Pesto…

The other day I made a great trade with my friend Anne. She would bring me some amazing tomatoes… from her Dad’s garden in Virginia. In return, I would make her some pesto! I brought the amazing tomatoes home with me today. I ate almost an entire one tonight! It was amazing. But first a…… Continue reading Tomatoes for Pesto…

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Good Eats

Hi All: I am happy to report that I have had some pretty good meals today! I started the day off with (instant) oats.  With the addition of fresh blueberries, this was a great breakfast and it actually kept me full until I had lunch at 12:30 this afternoon. The oats: Most of the morning…… Continue reading Good Eats