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Good Eats

Hi All:

I am happy to report that I have had some pretty good meals today! I started the day off with (instant) oats.  With the addition of fresh blueberries, this was a great breakfast and it actually kept me full until I had lunch at 12:30 this afternoon.

The oats:

Most of the morning I was really looking forward to my lunch. Last night after dinner I actually cooked some pasta and packed my lunch ahead of time. I was really craving pasta, pesto and chicken. This is such a perfect summer meal. I always love eating this dish right out of the refrigerator!
There is nothing like homemade pesto!!

This lunch was really great. Although it looks like a lot, I was very careful to not over do it on my pasta.  It is all about portion control, especially when you are not exercising as much as your body is used to. I did take a twenty minute walk during lunch, it was super hot outside, but it was great to get outside and soak up some much needed Vitamin D!  I also picked up an iced coffee at lunch  from Dunkin Donuts. Medium iced coffee with milk and no sugar.

Back to the awesome lunch.  The meal was perfect for me today because it had a great combination of protein, carbohydrates and healthy fat (from the olive oil in the pesto). It is really keeping me going through my busy afternoon!

Tonight I am getting a haircut. I was planning on just getting a half an inch trim. But due to my mood these days, I think something more drastic is in order. Stay tuned, readers. I will be back tonight, with pictures!

Have a great rest of your day – see you soon!


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