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You win some, you lose some

The last couple of weeks I had been doing such a great job getting back into my running. I ran five miles on Sunday, on Thursday the same week I went to my first running group in my neighborhood and ran 3 miles. In between I did a couple of miles a few times as well…

Then this week happened. I was working long days at work and I was on my feet the entire time! Thanks to my trusty Fitbit I could tell how much I was doing – one day I got 15,000 steps without even exercising. The rest of the week I was easily getting over 10,000 steps every day just at work. But at the end of my long days I was exhausted. My feet hurt even though I was wearing good shoes (one day I was even wearing a pair of Brooks all day!)

I was so lucky that I had been able to make some turkey meatballs over the weekend and stuck them in the freezer. I knew I needed to have healthy dinners lined up for the week so I did not resort to mindless snacking or unhealthy fast food dinners when I was starving. Meatballs saved the day!

Thankfully I also had some quick, healthy eats – hard boiled eggs and vegetables make a great salad when you are in a pinch!


On Wednesday I was spoiled because SC had used the crockpot to start one of our favorite recipes – Skinnytaste’s Crockpot Santa Fe Chicken.

We had this for dinner Wednesday, Thursday and Friday! We had the chicken with brown rice, scallions, salsa and a couple of blue corn chips and it was fantastic every night! This is such an easy and delicious go to meal – we highly recommend it, especially when you are short on time.

I really missed running this week – but I felt good knowing that at least I was getting a lot of steps in and while I couldn’t run this week at least I ate as healthy as I could! I’m hoping to get back on track and into my running routine next week.


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