Calorie Counting in the news…

Just another quick post – Calorie counting has been in the news lately, how strange! I feel like this article from the Wall Street Journal goes really well with my blog postings from this past week. Here is the link – enjoy for some interesting calorie counting reading! Calorie Counters Have It Right, Diet Study…… Continue reading Calorie Counting in the news…


Saturday’s breakfast…

Hey All – I don’t know what to say about Saturday’s breakfast. It was healthy – that’s for sure.  I guess I’m still hungry – and fighting off the urge for a Vitamuffin top! But let’s start with what I had for breakfast: One egg, one egg white, a splash of skim milk – and…… Continue reading Saturday’s breakfast…

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Hey Guys – Well, it’s Friday. TGIF. This morning I went to the grocery store to get a few things for this weekend. Our friends Nicole & Dwaine are staying with us over the weekend so I needed to stock up on coffee and breakfastie things and snack things. Milk, grapes, apples, coffee, peanut butter…… Continue reading Friday

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Wednesday & Thursday

Hi guys – Well, the week is almost finished.  I hope everyone had a fun and productive week. I was very busy at work and managed to stick to eating really well all week, too! This is very exciting for me. I don’t really know what to say about breakfast these days! It’s basically repeating…… Continue reading Wednesday & Thursday



Hey All – I must apologize because I am NOT creative with my blog titles. I just cannot think of good titles, so I go with the day of the week usually… maybe I’ll work on it… maybe. So, today was day two of the calorie counting and seriously keeping track of what I eat. …… Continue reading Tuesday…

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Calorie Counting?

Hey All – Wow, I feel that after a week of slacking (but for good reason) I am back on track!  After my afternoon snack, I did go to the gym. I did 30 minutes on the treadmill and a half hour of weight training.  It felt great – and I was proud of myself…… Continue reading Calorie Counting?

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Happy Monday

Hey All – Well, it’s Monday again 🙂  I had a pretty good start to the week. I packed a great couple of meals for work. I started the day off around 7 o’clock this morning. I had a quick five ounces of Calcium and Vitamin D fortified orange juice to get me on my…… Continue reading Happy Monday

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Restaurant Quality with At Home Prices!

Hey All – I’m slowly starting to get back into the blog after a week off!  Sunday was full of good foods – but the first thing I tried this morning was almost a disaster! This morning I decided to “think spring” and make a smoothie for breakfast. Yesterday, my sister and I  walked to…… Continue reading Restaurant Quality with At Home Prices!

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Sunday morning, waiting for more snow…

Hey Everyone: After a couple of “warmer” days, we are now waiting for snow to arrive.  I guess we’re expecting it this afternoon. I wonder how much snow we’ve received so far this winter, I think the last time I checked we were at about 50 inches – our normal amount for a season is…… Continue reading Sunday morning, waiting for more snow…


Valentine’s Day Dinner

I just wanted to post a photo of our Valentine’s day dinner that Ben made for us! Ben made an amazing salmon, cous-cous and mixed green salad dinner! The dinner was so perfect and delicious!  Here is a photograph via Ben’s iPhone, since I couldn’t find my camera for some of the weekend (umm, yeah,…… Continue reading Valentine’s Day Dinner