Saturday’s breakfast…

Hey All –

I don’t know what to say about Saturday’s breakfast. It was healthy – that’s for sure.  I guess I’m still hungry – and fighting off the urge for a Vitamuffin top! But let’s start with what I had for breakfast:

One egg, one egg white, a splash of skim milk – and then I added spices to the mix! Red pepper flakes, garlic powder, onion powder, cyan pepper, ground black pepper and a tiny dash of kosher sea salt, and some basil!  After mixing all together, I basically cooked it like scrambled eggs. When the eggs were almost ready, I added a small amount of low fat mozzarella cheese. The calorie break down is as follows: 60 calories for the full egg, 15 calories for the egg white, 25 calories for the small amount of cheese.  Here is what the eggs looked like:

Along the side was a slice of TJ’s multi grain toast (one piece – only 90 calories!) on top of the toast, I put a small amount of Earth Balance on top (about 30 calories) with a sprinkle of garlic powder (yum!) and on the side, 6 oz of orange juice (80 calories!)

Here is what the complete meal looked like:

The entire breakfast was 300 calories.

Right now Ben is picking up Dwaine and Nicole from the hotel they stayed in last night. We’re going up to Salem today to visit the witch museum! It should be a lot of fun.   I think I’ll be bringing along some grapes and a Clif bar for my afternoon snack, in case we don’t have a healthy option for lunch.

Yesterday was another tease, weather wise – a taste of spring! It was 55 degrees yesterday in the Boston area.  Right now it is 37 in Newton, and it’s almost noon… it’s going to be a much colder day today. Tomorrow and Monday we are getting snow. When will winter end?

I hope you are all having a great weekend!  I will be back later to update you on some of our Saturday adventures!


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