Wednesday – Back to Work

Hey All – So, I’m recovering. When I woke up this morning I did not think I had enough energy to get to work. But I GOT UP & GOT GOING. I made it to work! (I was somewhat surprised that the roads were not washed out!) Once I started my day, it felt great…… Continue reading Wednesday – Back to Work


Home Sick

Bleh. I was home sick yesterday. I had no energy. Not even enough energy to write a blog entry. What is wrong with me!? I woke up with a fever, and went back to bed and slept until 10:30. It was totally raining again yesterday (all day) and I guess that made it easy for…… Continue reading Home Sick

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Just Another Rainy Monday…

I do not know how much longer I can take this rain! (That is a bit of an over statement, but I would love some sunshine!) We are in another flood watch. It is another deluge. Good thing I have hot tea!!    Ahh. I love tea! Well, back to the day of rain… Last…… Continue reading Just Another Rainy Monday…


A Special Treat

What do you think of when you see “A Special Treat”? I usually think of one thing… Crème brûlée. Can we say delicious!? I will rarely order this rich, decadent dessert when I am out to dinner. I love no dessert more than crème brûlée. Well, my mom, Danielle and I were in for quite…… Continue reading A Special Treat


Saturday Morning…

Hi Bloggies – Wow, this week flew by because I was soo busy at work. I certainly did not write enough on the blog though! I ran a total of 11 miles in the last 6 days. Not bad. 🙂 Saturday morning is my favorite time of the week! I used to like to “sleep…… Continue reading Saturday Morning…


Veggie Stir Fry To The Rescue!

Hey Bloggies – Wow, it was a seriously long day at work. With the rain, and the never ending hunger, I really thought the day would never end. Well, it was not quite that bad, but it was a pretty bad combo! It is a good thing that tomorrow is another day 😀 Thankfully I…… Continue reading Veggie Stir Fry To The Rescue!

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Rain Rain GO AWAY

Ugh. It is still raining. The rain was so heavy over night that it woke me up at 3 in the morning. I was lying in bed, just dreading getting up and going to work in this deluge. Luckily the heaviest rain was over night. It was still raining quite a bit this morning, but…… Continue reading Rain Rain GO AWAY