Pulled Pork Sandwich

Hi All – So tonight for dinner mom and I had pulled pork sandwiches. I always think of this as one of my mom’s specialties and I love it when she makes it. She found the recipe a couple of years ago on the All Recipes website. Here is the link: Pulled Pork Sandwiches .…… Continue reading Pulled Pork Sandwich


The Road to Recovery…

Today I took a big step in my road to recovery… I went to the gym! It was raining outside, so I knew I could not go for my walk outside. I called my gym to see if I could re-activate my gym membership which had been ‘frozen’ for the past couple of months while…… Continue reading The Road to Recovery…


Lunch at 4…

Wow did those pancakes hold me over! I had two and a half “medium” sized pancakes. At two o’clock I went out for errands. Market and I picked up a tart pan for myself. What can I say? I think I might be making a tart or something in the near future. If anyone knows…… Continue reading Lunch at 4…


Pancake Recipe

Happy Sunday morning, everyone! I had every intention on making oatmeal for breakfast this morning. But I have been craving pancakes for a while, so I decided to go ahead and make some pancakes! I am working on a new pancake recipe… I’m going to share what I have so far, but keep in mind…… Continue reading Pancake Recipe

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Ratatouille with Penne…

a la Jacques Pépin. I love his recipe, but I usually change it around a bit. Today I had to change it because the market I went to this afternoon did not have eggplant. Eggplant is definitely a summer item, but I saw a few at Whole Foods the other day… so I was hoping.…… Continue reading Ratatouille with Penne…


Leeks and Potatoes

I woke up today with no plan. I had nothing to do. Having nothing to do over the past few weeks is part of my routine. I am only three weeks recovered from surgery, and my doctors want me to spend six weeks ‘recovering’. This means I have to take it easy. For me, that…… Continue reading Leeks and Potatoes


Wednesday – CSA Day

Hi there bloggies: So, if any of you live in Rhode Island, I wanted to tell you about an upcoming event. On Wednesday from 4pm – 6pm the Rhode Island CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) Fair will be taking place. It will be held during the Pawtucket Wintertime Farmers Market (which is a lot of fun…… Continue reading Wednesday – CSA Day