Oh the Wind!

Yesterday I went for a run. I was sooo excited to get out there and get going, because I hadn’t been able to really exercise since Monday. Tuesday was my long day at work (have you noticed I hardly ever workout on Tuesdays??) and Wednesday I did not get home from work until 7:45… it…… Continue reading Oh the Wind!

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Abnormal day…

Hi everyone: I had a day that was sort of out of the ordinary, at least for me. I did not leave the house until about 8:30 this morning. I took advantage of the later than normal work day and had breakfast at home. And not just any breakfast, I had oats in a jar.…… Continue reading Abnormal day…

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Day off… oh, and a Dinner via Bittman

…from the blog. Sort of. Hey All – Today was one of those super busy days at work. I did not photograph my food. For breakfast I had a cup of coffee with skim milk on the go, on the train. I was planning on having breakfast on the bus, but was able to eat…… Continue reading Day off… oh, and a Dinner via Bittman

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A Good Monday

What’s up!?  We have all survived Monday – I think we deserve a pat on the back or something. Bravo, everyone!  I was up around 5:45 this morning and the day was off and running. I was sitting at my desk at work by 7:25 this morning. I enjoyed the rest of my travel mug…… Continue reading A Good Monday


Low Key Afternoon

I always have mixed emotions about Sunday afternoons. When I have time to relax and unwind, I really like Sunday afternoons quite a bit. However, I am always reminded that my weekend is in the twilight of its existence, and that my busy week is about to start in just a few hours. This weekend…… Continue reading Low Key Afternoon


Special Sunday Oats

Happy Sunday morning, everyone. I have said it before and I will say it again, I have a thing for stove top oats. Because I have to leave my house so early in the morning to get to work (I like to work an early schedule during the week so I can get home, still…… Continue reading Special Sunday Oats

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Family Dinner

Hey All – I hope everyone is enjoying the weekend, I am. I spent a while cleaning my room (much needed). Mom and I went for a great walk / run this afternoon. Mom walked 3/4 miles with me, I ran 1 1/2 miles while she read her book, and the we walked the 3/4…… Continue reading Family Dinner


A Great Day So Far…

Hey All – If you are having a great weather day, I certainly hope you are enjoying it so far! Right now I am blogging from below our large lilac bush (bees and all!) and enjoying the sunshine from the shade. 🙂 This morning before I left the house, I put on my 90 SPF…… Continue reading A Great Day So Far…


I wanted to bake….

When I left for work today, I really was excited to come home and bake something tonight. I could not decide what to make. I was deciding between a ‘no kneed bread’ from Bittman, blueberry scones from America’s Test Kitchen or something I had yet to discover. First I had to get through my day…… Continue reading I wanted to bake….

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What a Day!

Wow. What a day I have had. I love when I am super busy at work, walking around, lifting things, climbing ladders, pulling boxes, and so on. I was only at my desk for maybe 45 minutes in my eight and a half hour work day! I had a quick lunch break, and I am…… Continue reading What a Day!