A Great Day So Far…

Hey All –

If you are having a great weather day, I certainly hope you are enjoying it so far! Right now I am blogging from below our large lilac bush (bees and all!) and enjoying the sunshine from the shade. 🙂 This morning before I left the house, I put on my 90 SPF face lotion – I am not taking any chances of getting a sunburn on my face!

Anyhow. I woke up at 7:45 this morning to start my day. Showered, cleaned the house a bit and was out the door by 8:15 to meet Danielle at our favorite bakery / coffee shop for an 8:30 breakfast date. Seven Stars is the best! We got there on the early side and snagged a table with no problem…

I ordered a croissant with jam on the side, a 1% latte and we split a plain yogurt and granola. What a perfect breakfast! Danielle had a berry muffin which also looked lovely.


It was 55 degrees when I left the house this morning, so my warm latte really hit the spot for breakfast!


I was able to daydream that I was in Paris as I enjoyed my croissant and jam. I had been craving this combo for a couple of weeks now – so glad I was able to have it for breakfast this morning.

After our breakfast we walked around Hope Street for a while and then decided to treat ourselves to a manicure. It was really fun, I had not had a manicure in months (maybe a year??) so this was such a special treat!


I wonder how long the nail polish will actually last. I am always washing my hands, so maybe a day or two if I am lucky. 🙂 After my mani I picked my mom up at the airport, we made a brief stop at REI and now we are both out on the deck enjoying this fantastic spring day – even more so because we know it is going to rain tomorrow 😦

Well, I’m going to get my stuff together for a walk / run pretty soon. Have a great rest of the day!


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