The Rest of Sunday…

One question – where the heck did the weekend go? How is it actually Sunday evening? Ugh. So sad. The weekends never seem long enough to me. Anyhow. After my run this morning, I enjoyed some down time. The smoothie was really satisfying. I watched some Meet The Press. I did some computer work. I…… Continue reading The Rest of Sunday…


Sunday Morning Run

Before I went to sleep last night I set two alarms. One for 7 o’clock and one for 7:05 AM. At 6:47 AM I was lying in bed, in that state of mind that I can usually only accomplish on a Sunday morning. I’m sort of awake, I feel like I am still sleeping. I…… Continue reading Sunday Morning Run

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Who Said 1/2 Marathon Training Was Easy?

Well, not me. I was reading an article on half marathon training the other day. The author seemed to think that some people think that training for a half marathon is easy. (I am not one of those people, in case you were wondering.) I paid particular attention to one line in the article and…… Continue reading Who Said 1/2 Marathon Training Was Easy?

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The Rest of Friday

I survived the rest of Friday. It was a calmer day than Thursday had been, thankfully. Breakfast got me through until lunch without a problem – and that is always a great thing in my book. Lunch on Friday was pesto, whole wheat pasta and chicken sausage left overs. My lunch was definitely coveted a…… Continue reading The Rest of Friday

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Runner’s Guilt…

So, what is up with runner’s guilt? I was not sure if this was a real thing when it popped into my head this morning as I was driving to work. But later in the day, I googled it and it is in fact a real thing. And I am suffering from it. Which stinks.…… Continue reading Runner’s Guilt…

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Today is really Thursday…

So, I woke up this morning telling myself that today is really Thursday. Thank goodness I remembered. I had an important day at work. I had to put on a dress and some fancy shoes instead of my normal tee-shirt and jeans uniform for work.  I am not going to lie. It was really fun…… Continue reading Today is really Thursday…

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Mixed Up…

I spent the entire day (literally until 4pm) thinking that yesterday was Thursday. Can you imagine how heart broken I was when I [finally] realized that it was only Wednesday?? Two more days until the weekend. Not one.  Obviously I was quite mixed up yesterday. But still, I made the best of it… Breakfast yesterday…… Continue reading Mixed Up…

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From the moment I started waking up this morning, I could tell it was going to be one of those mornings. The first thought that popped into my head… how much sleep did  I actually get last night? The answer – frightening. Maybe 5 hours, if I was lucky. The second thought? How is today…… Continue reading Tuesday

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Bring a Treat to Work Day

Apparently today was bring a treat to work day at the office. So even though I was annoyed by how much time I spent in the kitchen on Sunday preparing all of my healthy food and packing lunch and breakfast and making dinner for the week, when I got to work I was so happy…… Continue reading Bring a Treat to Work Day



Sunday did not get off to the same brilliant start that Saturday did. Well, maybe it did – but just in a very different way. It was the same deal, I was supposed to call Ned when my alarm went off and get out and go for an early morning run. This was supposed to…… Continue reading Sunday