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Eats and Runs

Happy Spring, everyone. I wonder if Spring is going to stick around for a couple of weeks this time…. we had a taste of spring last weekend and then we had snow and ice on Tuesday night into Wednesday morning. My car was covered in ice on Wednesday morning. It made getting to work a…… Continue reading Eats and Runs

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Dinner for a Friday Night

I started my Friday not so bright but very early – when my alarm went off at 5:10 AM. I wanted to get an early start at the office so that I could leave at 3pm to start my weekend. I started my work day before 7am! I was in the car and headed to…… Continue reading Dinner for a Friday Night

Cooking · Dinner

I’ve Been Cooking Lately…

If you recall, I made dinner last Saturday and I promised a report back on how things turned out… Everything turned out so well. I can’t tell you what my favorite part of the meal was. My friend Katherine and I ate a lot of the salad and did not have a lot of room…… Continue reading I’ve Been Cooking Lately…

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Spring Anyone?

I broke up with winter a couple of weeks ago…. It is April 5th and I think winter possibly just got the memo that we are done with each other… at least for this year. It doesn’t quite feel like spring yet, but we are making progress. What are you looking forward to now that…… Continue reading Spring Anyone?