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I’ve Been Cooking Lately…

If you recall, I made dinner last Saturday and I promised a report back on how things turned out…

Everything turned out so well. I can’t tell you what my favorite part of the meal was. My friend Katherine and I ate a lot of the salad and did not have a lot of room for the chicken lettuce wraps, but we managed to have one each. The salad was a huge hit and I ate the rest of it at work on Monday.

The salad was pretty simple – but lots of great flavors worked together to make it all wonderful:

Image 6.jpg

The salad had raw red onion and dried apricots in it. I cut the red onion and dried apricots and soaked them in white vinegar. I also cut up pita bread and almonds, and sautéed them in olive oil and a little butter. The dressing was a dash of olive oil, lemon juice and a dash of kosher salt. It was fantastic!!

The chicken lettuce wraps were also a big hit, and had great flavor. I got the recipe for this from the cookbook Bountiful. It came out perfectly and I love this recipe because it has amazing fresh flavors and it is on the light side:

Image 3.jpg

One of the great thing about cooking is taking the amazing left overs for lunch the next day:

Image 4.jpg

I added some cucumbers and tomatoes to my salad because there was not a whole lot left of the original salad (because it was AMAZING) and I ate the chicken mixture without the lettuce to wrap it up – a great source of protein.

Overall this dinner was a great success and it really got me back into cooking fresh and healthy food. I am so glad that it is spring time and that I am feeling more inspired these days!


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