I try to exercise as much as possible. My philosophy on working out has evolved over the years. I used to go to the gym for hours a day, and nearly every day. Now I concentrate on getting all the exercise I possibly can – but if I cannot work out at the gym for two hours, I will still go for half an hour or forty minutes, because I figure that is better than nothing. If I only have time for a short work out, I will try and split my time between cardio and weight training.

My normal gym routine is a combination of weights and cardio training. When I have enough time I like to run two or three miles, then do about twenty minutes of weight training (rotating between upper, core, and lower body workouts) and then fifteen to twenty minute cool down.  The cool down time is spent either on the bike or on the ERG (rowing machine) to switch up the routine a bit.

I love running, but sometimes my body does not love running quite as much as I do.

I try to do cross training when I cannot run every day. I will do the bike, or the elliptical trainer when my shins do not want me to run. 😦

My other form of regular exercise are the lunch time walks I get in about three times a week. During these “fast walks” I will exercise between twenty and forty five minutes per outing. I walk with my colleagues, or by myself. I love exercising in the middle of my work day! Getting out in the fresh air does wonders for getting me through the afternoon. During the winter I make a strong effort to get outdoors during lunch, to see the sun and to make some Vitamin D!  🙂


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