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Hi All – Well, in case you were wondering – I am still out here in cyber space. 🙂 It’s been nearly two weeks (I think??) since my last post. Oops. In the last two weeks I have made sure to get life back on track. I’ve been making time to exercise every day and…… Continue reading Tuesday

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Hey All – I do not know what to say about this week. Sometimes the week seems to be going by quickly, and at other moments it seems to be crawling. I guess the week cannot make up it’s mind 😉 This morning I took the train with Timmy. We were really thankful to have…… Continue reading Wednesday

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Is a Latte Breakfast?

Hi All – Wow, I have to say rarely do I have a super busy day when I literally do not have time to eat lunch – but today was one of those days! Craz-y! It went by very quickly, and I got a lot packed into my work day and post – work day,…… Continue reading Is a Latte Breakfast?

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Weekend Re-cap and Monday so far…

HI All – Wow, this weekend was super busy, thus not too much time for blogging. 😦 Saturday we were really lucky to be in Maine – it rained all day in the Boston area, but we escaped the wet weather. It was cloudy, but a great day for a hike – which is what…… Continue reading Weekend Re-cap and Monday so far…

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Hi All – I hope everyone is having a great weekend so far. I guess in Rhode Island and the Boston area it is raining, but here in Maine it is cloudy but dry – great hiking weather! But more on that later. A brief re-cap of Thursday and Friday is a bit long over…… Continue reading Thursday

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Fall is in the Air

Hey All – Happy Hump Day. I feel particularly proud after surviving a sort of long day! 🙂 Because of a decent exit off of my train car, my awesome and new short cut, and the fact that the bus was RIGHT THERE when I got to the stop – I got to work five…… Continue reading Fall is in the Air


What are you craving?

Hi All – I hope that everyone is having a good day.  It is Wednesday, hump day, which seems so weird since it is only the second day of our work week. My friends and I have recently been talking about things that we are craving and I thought it was really interesting. Most of…… Continue reading What are you craving?

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Tuesday: Work, run, salad

Hi All – Hope you all had a good day back to work, for those of you who do that sort of thing 🙂 I actually felt well rested this morning as I got ready to head out to the train this morning! I was so happy to have my breakfast and lunch already packed…… Continue reading Tuesday: Work, run, salad

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Beach and cooking…

Hi Everyone – I had a great day at the beach with my mom and our friends. It was cool, sunny and beautiful. I spent a few minutes in the sun before I put my SPF 45 on my body and SPF 50 on my face (even though my huge brimmed hat never left my…… Continue reading Beach and cooking…

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September is Better Breakfast Month

Hey All – Did you know that September is Better Breakfast Month? Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. You must start your day off with breakfast or your body and brain will start slowing down due to lack of ‘fuel’ (aka food). A lot of people I know do not particularly like…… Continue reading September is Better Breakfast Month