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Hi All – Well, in case you were wondering – I am still out here in cyber space. 🙂 It’s been nearly two weeks (I think??) since my last post. Oops. In the last two weeks I have made sure to get life back on track. I’ve been making time to exercise every day and…… Continue reading Tuesday

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Hey All – I do not know what to say about this week. Sometimes the week seems to be going by quickly, and at other moments it seems to be crawling. I guess the week cannot make up it’s mind 😉 This morning I took the train with Timmy. We were really thankful to have…… Continue reading Wednesday

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Is a Latte Breakfast?

Hi All – Wow, I have to say rarely do I have a super busy day when I literally do not have time to eat lunch – but today was one of those days! Craz-y! It went by very quickly, and I got a lot packed into my work day and post – work day,…… Continue reading Is a Latte Breakfast?

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Weekend Re-cap and Monday so far…

HI All – Wow, this weekend was super busy, thus not too much time for blogging. 😦 Saturday we were really lucky to be in Maine – it rained all day in the Boston area, but we escaped the wet weather. It was cloudy, but a great day for a hike – which is what…… Continue reading Weekend Re-cap and Monday so far…

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Hi All – I hope everyone is having a great weekend so far. I guess in Rhode Island and the Boston area it is raining, but here in Maine it is cloudy but dry – great hiking weather! But more on that later. A brief re-cap of Thursday and Friday is a bit long over…… Continue reading Thursday

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Fall is in the Air

Hey All – Happy Hump Day. I feel particularly proud after surviving a sort of long day! 🙂 Because of a decent exit off of my train car, my awesome and new short cut, and the fact that the bus was RIGHT THERE when I got to the stop – I got to work five…… Continue reading Fall is in the Air


What are you craving?

Hi All – I hope that everyone is having a good day.  It is Wednesday, hump day, which seems so weird since it is only the second day of our work week. My friends and I have recently been talking about things that we are craving and I thought it was really interesting. Most of…… Continue reading What are you craving?