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Hi All –

I hope everyone is having a great weekend so far. I guess in Rhode Island and the Boston area it is raining, but here in Maine it is cloudy but dry – great hiking weather! But more on that later. A brief re-cap of Thursday and Friday is a bit long over due…

Thursday morning instead of having over night oats, I had a great Chobani Greek yogurt (vanilla flavor) with fresh strawberries and blueberries, and a teaspoon of PB2 and ground flax. I had the breakfast made up and packed the night before and it was three containers:


All mixed together:


This was a totally fantastic and healthy breakfast. I really loved it – and it got me through until 12;30 or 1 o’clock for lunch. Katherine and I took a shorter walk than normal at lunch, but it was 25 minutes which was nice. I always love our lunch time walks – at any time of the year – because it is great to get out of the building during lunch and also get a few minutes of low key exercise. I really do think that it gives me an extra amount of energy to get through the rest of my work day. I feel less restless when I get out for a walk, and do not mind sitting at my desk for the next few hours having had some walking time and fresh air. 🙂

Lunch was also pre-packed. I had an almond butter and jam sandwich on a whole wheat Arnold sandwich thin, an apple and whole wheat Goldfish crackers as an afternoon snack (I love that Goldfish are now available in whole wheat!!!)


This was a fun lunch.

I left work just after 4 o’clock and was home a few minutes after five o’clock. I had a small handful of peanuts after I got home. I really had wanted to go for a run, but my knee had been hurting for most of the day, so I hoped by taking a night off from running might cure the situation. I also had a long night of grocery shopping for my trip to Maine, packing and thinking of something for dinner…

When my mom got home from work, she decided that we should go out for noodles for dinner – brilliant! I enjoyed my shrimp udon noodles with a coconut curry broth. Yum! Of course, I forgot my camera (seriously, what is my problem!?) But this is a picture of my last bowl of left over noodles!


I seriously love Noodle 102 at 102 Ives Street in Providence. I hope everyone will check it out at some point! I always have enough left over for lunch the next day, which really made packing lunch easy on Friday. I truly enjoyed the coconut curry broth – it has a little bit of kick to it, but it is not very spicy, just a little different to add a new twist to old fashioned noodles.

Well, I have got to wrap up for now – and get back to enjoying my awesome weekend in Maine with my friends. More to come soon!


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