Clean Eating Project Day 5 – Where To Go From Here

I survived five days of clean eating. There were definitely times where I wanted chocolate, ice cream, and cake. I had a lot of temptations during the week – but thanks to some good planning and still being able to eat a lot of my favorite foods, I was able to survive! Remember the good…… Continue reading Clean Eating Project Day 5 – Where To Go From Here

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The Tale of Two Dinners (The Rest of Day 4)

Day four of the Clean Eating Project is coming to a close – thank goodness. All I want is some vanilla frozen (healthy!) yogurt to go with the beautiful peach I just ate. Is that a horrible thing to want? 🙂 Remember back to this morning when it was 8:30 or so and I had…… Continue reading The Tale of Two Dinners (The Rest of Day 4)

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Clean Eating Project Day 4

Good morning, blog readers. Welcome to Clean Eating Project Day 4. It is currently 8:27 AM and the only thing I have had so far today is a glass of water and I am currently sipping coffee out of my MET Opera mug, with a little almond milk stirred in. Still waking up in the…… Continue reading Clean Eating Project Day 4

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Clean Eating Project Day Three

Day three of the Clean Eating Project started off really well. I have been so pleased when I wake up during this project not feeling hungry. It is also a really nice thing to go to bed not feeling hungry. (Yes, these are certainly first world problems – I wish that no one had to…… Continue reading Clean Eating Project Day Three

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On Monday night my mom returned home from just over two weeks in France. She had an amazing vacation, and I planned a welcome home dinner for her. It included halibut that I picked up at the Farmer’s Market on Saturday. This piece of fish was a-mazing. Over the weekend I found my favorite french…… Continue reading Halibut


Clean Eating, Day 2

I have survived the second day of my clean eating plan. I am definitely having cravings (I love bread so much!) but I was surprised how I was able to get through the day with relative ease. When I woke up I was tired (I am always tired during the week because my alarm goes…… Continue reading Clean Eating, Day 2


June 24, 2013

It has been several months since my last blog entry. In the five years of the blog, I have never taken such a break from writing about food, and I missed the blog quite a bit. After a while, I started to think that I did not have much to contribute to the food and…… Continue reading June 24, 2013