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Friday Night Dinner: Pisto with Eggs

On Thursday night I had Friday night’s dinner all planned out in my head. A friend of mine was going to bring in a bunch of basil from his garden for me and I was going to take it home and make fresh pesto. I already had a pizza dough ready, and I was excited…… Continue reading Friday Night Dinner: Pisto with Eggs

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Tomato Gratin

On Tuesday my mom returned home from visiting my grandmother in Tennessee. She came back with a lot of amazing homegrown tomatoes. We knew we had to eat them pretty quickly because we did not to waste a single one of my grandmother’s homegrown tomatoes. On Wednesday mom and I both had great tomato sandwiches…… Continue reading Tomato Gratin


Rustic Blueberry Tart

Last Saturday night I hosted a dinner party for two good friends, for a total of four people for dinner. Not a huge gathering by any means, but it was fun and intimate. I started the day by going to get a table cloth for the dining room table. Simple enough, I thought. But one…… Continue reading Rustic Blueberry Tart

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Simple Summer Dinner…

Good Monday evening to you, blog readers! Before I get to my super simple and simply delicious dinner – let’s do a quick recap of the day. I got a super late start to my day which was unfortunate. My alarm went off starting at 6:15 and I did not get out of bed until…… Continue reading Simple Summer Dinner…

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The Last Couple of Days

My first couple of days off the ‘cleanse’ were pretty interesting. I really enjoyed the food I was not able to eat last week. Saturday morning I was in a rush to get out the door – I really enjoyed the fact that I could grab a Kashi bar and take it with me on…… Continue reading The Last Couple of Days