January 2014

This marked my first week back to real life after the holidays. The holidays were wonderful, fun and even restful! I ended up having a lot of unscheduled time off the week before. I left work at noon on Tuesday (New Year’s Eve) and did not go back to work until Monday of this week!…… Continue reading January 2014

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Snow Day Birthday

As the weather forecasters promised, Thursday morning we woke up to snow. The snow had actually started before we had gone to bed on Wednesday night – around 11:30 PM. It snowed all day on Thursday… Thankfully on Tuesday I had gone to Wegman’s and picked up ingredients for Ina’s winter minestrone soup, bread, milk…… Continue reading Snow Day Birthday

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A Special Dinner

Since I have been not working my normal 8 AM – 5 PM, Monday through Friday gig, I have been doing a lot of cooking for people. Last night I made an elaborate birthday dinner for that someone special. This person happens to love braised short ribs – something I have never made before, but…… Continue reading A Special Dinner


Lots of Birthday Celebrations

Greetings, blog readers. How has your week been? My week has been full of birthday celebrations. Such a busy week, I can’t believe how much fun I had! My actual birthday was Thursday – but I had my first cake on New Year’s Day. I had one day back to work on Wednesday, and then…… Continue reading Lots of Birthday Celebrations

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2012 – Day 16 (Monday recap)

It was really very cold on Sunday. Monday it was a little bit better. It was only in the 20s when I went to the gym on Monday morning – a vast improvement! I really had to force myself out of the house and I got to the gym and I ran for 35 minutes.…… Continue reading 2012 – Day 16 (Monday recap)

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A Day with the Moms!

Hey All – So, I guess I might be on the mend… hopefully. I slept all day yesterday, barely getting out of bed for orange juice. I was definitely wiped out. I am still tired, and have been taking it easy again today. I had already scheduled a day with “the mom’s” before I came…… Continue reading A Day with the Moms!


The Day After…

Hi Bloggies – Well, it is the day after my birthday! The holidays go by so quickly, and all of the sudden it is January 3rd, my day of birth 🙂 We had a really fun, small get together at my house yesterday to celebrate. When I went to bed on Saturday, I made sure…… Continue reading The Day After…


Sunday – a fantastic lunch

On Sunday I was able to celebrate my friend Nicole’s birthday with her, her husband Tim and her mom.  Tim is  an amazing cook and a huge fan of Jacques Pépin – so I knew that we would all be in for quite a birthday treat when I was invited over for lunch. We started…… Continue reading Sunday – a fantastic lunch

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Back to the Grind and Birthday Celebration #3!

Hey all – I hope you all had a decent “back to work” / “post holiday” Monday!  Things in our house got off to a decent start today – until we stepped out of the house and realized that our entire neighborhood was covered in a huge sheet of ice! Some how I managed to…… Continue reading Back to the Grind and Birthday Celebration #3!

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I am one year older…

Hey everyone – Sorry I’ve fallen behind in the posts. The last couple of days have been busy – and yes, I am one year older now, as yesterday was my birthday. Yesterday I woke up and opened a couple of presents right away!  Ben’s parents got me a year subscription to Runner’s World magazine…… Continue reading I am one year older…