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A Day with the Moms!

Hey All –

So, I guess I might be on the mend… hopefully. I slept all day yesterday, barely getting out of bed for orange juice. I was definitely wiped out. I am still tired, and have been taking it easy again today. I had already scheduled a day with “the mom’s” before I came down with the cold. Breakfast was at my mom’s house, and lunch was another celebration of my birthday with Mark’s mom. I was really looking forward to both of these meals 😀

Breakfast was amazing – and early because I needed time to digest so I would be hungry again for lunch! We ate breakfast around 9:30 this morning:



I really enjoyed all of breakfast – especially the fresh fruit! My mom did the potatoes, bacon and eggs and they were cooked to perfection! I was in charge of making fancy coffee, area of expertise 😉


This was my mom’s cup of coffee in the Black Dog mug. I whipped up the milk, heated it up, and then add it to the coffee with a sprinkle of cinnamon on top. The coffee was really good, I also added about a teaspoon of Starbucks sugar free vanilla syrup. Yum!

Lunch was at Isabella’s in Smithfield, Rhode Island. It is a family style Italian restaurant, and I really like the food there. Today the food was fantastic, once again – but we had a bit of a mix up with one of our meals. Mark’s mom ordered eggplant parmesan (which is really good there) but for some reason the waitress brought out chicken parm and was not very apologetic about the mistake. Grr. 😦 I ordered the penne alla vodka (which is penne pasta tossed in a pink cream vodka sauce – yum). This meal is very, very rich, but on a special occasion it is wonderful!


Everyone was really pleased with their meals… and it was a really fun day. I had a great afternoon with Kathy, my mom and Mark. We celebrated my birthday all over again – fun times! Stay tuned to see what Kathy and Mark’s sister Emilie gave me for my birthday. 😀


One thought on “A Day with the Moms!

  1. Pushing start on the microwave, I figured – what better thing to read while eating lunch than the one and only Sugar and Spice food blog. First off, that breakfast plate photo looks like it was taken in the summer time – nice job! I miss summer. Soon enough I guess. Well, I was lucky enough to find the leftover penne alla vodka in my fridge…needless to say – it was yummy. Refer to photo. 🙂 I had the opportunity to use and enjoy Heather’s gift too. It is truly awesome. Hint…Mmmmm! Photos and write up to follow via Heather. Bye.

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