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Grill Pan

Sometimes all you need for a great dinner are a few simple things – and one of those things in my book, is a grill pan! I also had some great, fresh ingredients to work with – and that always helps. I had a chicken breast, a yellow pepper, a vidalia onion and fresh tomatoes.…… Continue reading Grill Pan

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Vegetable Turkey Soup for a Snow Day

Greetings from a snowy, cold town in New England!! We have been experiencing all sorts of extremes over the last week or so. We had quite a blizzard last week, then most folks watched and rejoiced as the Patriots won the Super Bowl and then, hours after the victory – more snow! There have been…… Continue reading Vegetable Turkey Soup for a Snow Day

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Homemade Veggie & Bean Burgers

Hi there blog readers! Last night I spent a good part of my free time in the kitchen making homemade vegetable and bean burgers for dinner. My friends and I have been discussing the side effects of eating processed soy and the possible negative effects of your health by eating those so easy to prep…… Continue reading Homemade Veggie & Bean Burgers

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Sunday or Thursday: Turkey Meatloaf Recipe!

Hi there blog readers – Happy Sunday to you all! This week and weekend has gone by so quickly. This weekend I have spent a good amount of time in the kitchen making healthy food, and it is nice to know that I will be able to start my week off in a healthy way…… Continue reading Sunday or Thursday: Turkey Meatloaf Recipe!

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A Winter Storm and Amazing Minestrone Soup

Greetings from a snow bound food blogger! I do not feel like I often tell you Stop what you are doing – you have to make this recipe. But tonight, yeah, I am sort of telling you that is exactly what you need to do. For Christmas I received a fantastic cookbook by one of…… Continue reading A Winter Storm and Amazing Minestrone Soup

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New Year’s Eve Dinner

For the last dinner of 2013, I went back to one of our favorite dinners. Udon noodle bowls with tofu, vegetables and an amazing peanut sauce. This meal always takes me a long time to put together – but the end result is amazingly fresh and worth the effort. (I don’t think it would take…… Continue reading New Year’s Eve Dinner

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The Last Days of 2013

Hi there Blog Readers: The last few weeks have been so busy!! Thankfully for the most part I was able to stick to my Holiday Eating Plan. Healthy snacks, and healthy meals at every chance I had. I definitely didn’t feel all that bad about indulging on the special nights (and there were a few!)…… Continue reading The Last Days of 2013