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Grill Pan

Sometimes all you need for a great dinner are a few simple things – and one of those things in my book, is a grill pan!

I also had some great, fresh ingredients to work with – and that always helps. I had a chicken breast, a yellow pepper, a vidalia onion and fresh tomatoes.

The chicken had been cut into strips marinating in balsamic vinegar and spices for a few hours. I sliced up the onion and pepper. I heated my grill pan up. Once it was hot, I sprayed it with coconut oil spray (just like last night!) and added the chicken.

I let the chicken cook for about two minutes and then flipped it. Once it was cooked through, I put it on a platter:

While the pan was still hot, I added the onions and peppers.

I added some of Trader Joe’s 21 Season Salute (I really love this stuff when you just want to add some flavor and it can kind of be whatever you want – it went far with these vegetables!) After the veggies had been cooking for several minutes (every so often I’m shaking the pan up, stirring up the vegetables so they are cooking relatively evenly on each side) I added a splash of reduced sodium soy sauce. A little soy sauce also goes SO FAR in adding just a little seasoning.

As all of this was going on, I was washing and chopping cherry tomatoes, putting them into a bowl and adding balsamic vinegar and freshly ground pepper. That was how simple our tomato salad was.

I cut up a few pieces of a small French baguette and put them into our toaster oven. I also put the remaining couscous on our dinner plates (because why waste it – for the record I normally do not serve TWO carbs with a meal)

I added the chicken back into the pan with the vegetables just to heat the protein back up. All of this came together in about twenty minutes! It was delicious and so flavorful.

A dinner like this definitely made me like chicken again – what a relief. I love that you can make such a simple dinner with just a few fresh ingredients and a great kitchen tool like a grill pan. If you don’t have one, I highly recommend getting one. You will enjoy it!


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