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Sunday picnic and bike ride…

Hi Readers – Where ever you are reading this, I really hope that you are enjoying beautiful weekend weather like we are here in Boston! We have really lucked out this weekend, it is an A+ weather wise! This afternoon Ben and I decided to take advantage of the great day. We went on a…… Continue reading Sunday picnic and bike ride…

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I am so behind!!!

OK, seriously, what the heck happened to last week??? Somehow it’s Monday night already – and I am way behind in food blogging – again! So, I’m going back in time… all the way back to Thursday! The reason I decided to go back to Thursday, is that the French theme continued on that day!…… Continue reading I am so behind!!!

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Tuesday – Summer in Boston

Hi All – Welcome to summer time in Boston! What on earth is going on? It was 94 degrees today in Boston…. so much for spring! The good news is that things are going back to a more spring like temperature tomorrow… maybe 60. I love temps that are about 65 – 70 (or even…… Continue reading Tuesday – Summer in Boston

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Tuesday, starting to feel better

Happy Tuesday, everyone.  I’m starting to feel a bit better today – I went to work which was an accomplishment.  This morning I also realized that I had part of my appetite back.  I went across the street to Bread & Chocolate for breakfast and decided on a lemon blueberry scone 🙂 My ol’ classic…… Continue reading Tuesday, starting to feel better

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OK, I think I finally realized why I’m so tired this week.  This past weekend Ben, my mom, Lara and I took a 24 hour road trip to DC. Seriously, we were in Washington, DC for 27 hours and we spent 16 hours driving… it was worth it! But this week I have been paying…… Continue reading Thursday

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Thursday, lunch in a pinch

Hey all – On Wednesday I was running late to work, and I was sort of out of my easy turkey sandwich fixings… so I skipped packing my lunch and was stuck buying pizza at the caf at work. I hate it when I have to buy lunch, especially when I have a really busy…… Continue reading Thursday, lunch in a pinch

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Busy few days…

Ugh, I do not know what is wrong with me this week. We’ve been super busy and I haven’t had much of a chance to blog. It’s now time for bed and I thought I would do a quick recap and post pictures later. Wednesday for breakfast I had the same thing as Monday and…… Continue reading Busy few days…