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We can do it!

Hey all – Happy weekend, and hopefully it’s a long one for most of you!

I am surprised that I made it through the work week!  For actually getting up and going to work,  I decided to reward myself with breakfast yesterday 🙂  I have a new favorite scone at Bread & Chocolate – which I never thought would be possible. I now love the cranberry orange scone!  I love the savory flavor of the cranberry (and there were so many mixed into the scone – yum)! It really cuts the sweetness of the scone, making it perfect. I still love the blueberry lemon, of course!  Here is the scone:

The scone was still sweet – and I might have preferred a bagel for breakfast, but it was lovely and wonderful at the  same time!

Instead of coffee on Friday, I enjoyed a cup of Vanilla Chai tea in my Rosie the Riveter mug. We can do it!

I love this tea! I just wish it was decaf so I could drink it all day, especially while the weather is so darned cold!  I added a little bit of soy milk into the tea, and it really made it wonderful.

Lunch was officially dull and hurting! Once again this week, it was an almond butter and jam sandwich on protein bread. I have to say – the protein bread has really saved me this week! Thanks to the bread I’m getting an extra 14 grams of protein in my lunch – and thus, I am less hungry though out the rest of the afternoon.  During lunch I read a little bit of the new Real Simple that arrived on Thursday night! It’s always a great day when I have a RS in the mail – I love this magazine!

Because I had nothing for lunch, I ate my Chobani as part of lunch.  I had a great mix in for the yogurt today!  A free sample from Bare Naked granola…  it was great and really made the yogurt perfect.


I left work a little bit early yesterday to meet up with Ben and his colleagues for a farwell get together…. this was Ben’s last week at his job at the school 😦  But he’s moving on to a great new job that we are both excited about.

I got to Union Street in Newton Centre at 4:20 and no one else was there – even though the e-mail get together said 4pm! I was able to get the last seat at the bar, I ordered a IPA and read my book until the rest of the gang showed up.  It was a little cold for beer, that’s for sure, but it was the easiest thing to order and it was good!  Also a great way to celebrate the weekend. I cannot remember the last time I had enjoyed a beer… it had been a while. I actually did not finish it completely – there was definitely a sip left at the end of the night!

As for food, we split nachos which are so great at Union Street. There were four of us splitting a plate of nachos and another group of four splitting another order of nachos.  What a weird dinner – but it hit the spot. It was warm!

We got home around 7:15 or so. I had half a cup of Kozy Shack rice pudding with a sprinkle of cinnamon. I did not have it in me t0 make a real dinner… but I probably should have!

I am pretty sure that I feel asleep at 9:30 last night! I woke up around 4AM to say good-bye to Ben (he was leaving for DC and the inauguration!) and went back to sleep for a few hours. I finally got up around 10 this morning!  I cannot believe that I slept for so long.

I had a great bowl of oatmeal this morning. Today I made two servings, and saved the second for tomorrow morning. I like thinking ahead and preparing meals in advance when possible!

Today’s bowl of oats was wonderful.

1/2 cup oats

1/2 cup of soy milk

1/3 cup water

1 tbs of Dole Raisins (I love this brand!)

1 tbs of semi-sweet chocolate chips

1 tbs of granola

1 pinch of cinnamon

1 pinch of pumpkin spice

1 spoonful of barney butter!

What a wonderful breakfast for a cold morning!

Right now I’m wrapping up the blog and trying to figure out if it’s cold enough to skip the gym. What a horrible thing to say! 👿

I’m pretty sure I’ll be going to the gym in a few minutes…. I am feeling the need for exercise!

Happy Saturday everyone!


3 thoughts on “We can do it!

  1. Thanks for getting me on the email list again. Very yummy food suggestions. Can you send me about a dozen of the orange cranberry scones from Bread and Chocolate? Have a good day!

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