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Tuesday – No Plastic Baggies for Lunch!

Ok – one thing I am super bad at is packing parts of my lunch in plastic bags. Ugh. I hate using plastic bags because I know they are horrible for the environment. So, Monday night I took out some of my re-usable containers and packed my lunch using them instead of plastic bags. :)…… Continue reading Tuesday – No Plastic Baggies for Lunch!

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Snowed in Sunday?

Hey ya’ll – Wow – it is snowing today! I was hoping to drive down to my mom’s house today but the way it has been snowing, I think I might have to go tomorrow morning! I had a great night’s sleep – fantastic! I woke up pretty early, and started my morning by doing…… Continue reading Snowed in Sunday?

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We can do it!

Hey all – Happy weekend, and hopefully it’s a long one for most of you! I am surprised that I made it through the work week!  For actually getting up and going to work,  I decided to reward myself with breakfast yesterday 🙂  I have a new favorite scone at Bread & Chocolate – which…… Continue reading We can do it!