Mom’s Special Day

If you are a regular reader, you might have realized that the last few weekends I have not been posting quite as much as I normally do. I have been super busy with a few different projects, and now I can tell you about one of them! My mom had a very special birthday this…… Continue reading Mom’s Special Day


Turkey Chili

Hi everyone: It is sort of like fall out there tonight… except for the weird fog and humidity. Well, the cool and drizzly weather got me in the mood for some turkey chili! I had to run a few errands on my way home from work (including the grocery store) so I got into the…… Continue reading Turkey Chili


A Speedy Dinner…

Hi All – Today was one of those long days, but it was also a really fast day at work. I didn’t get home until a few minutes after 7 o’clock because I stayed late, and took the train home. I love taking the train. I wish I could do it every day! If only…… Continue reading A Speedy Dinner…



Hi there. Happy Tuesday to you all.  How is the week treating you so far?  I hope you are enjoying some amazing fall weather – I know I am! Yesterday I was lucky enough to exercise twice. I went for a two mile walk at lunch and after work I drove straight to the gym,…… Continue reading Tuesday

Cooking · Dinner

Chicken and Biscuits

On Friday night I went over to my friends’ house and cooked dinner, with some help from my friend Danielle. I decided to take a page from Jenna’s playbook, and make chicken & biscuits… it definitely reminded me of being down South. (For those of you who don’t know, my mom is from Tennessee and…… Continue reading Chicken and Biscuits


Another great thing about peanut butter…

… it can help reduce your carbon footprint! A couple of days ago I started reading about how having a peanut butter and jam sandwich for lunch instead of a hamburger or a ham and cheese sandwich will do a world of good for the environment. The more I read, the more I wanted a…… Continue reading Another great thing about peanut butter…


I am still here…

Fall has definitely arrived in New England… I’m not sure if summer will make a reappearance, but I’m so excited for fall! I had a really low key (and much needed, per doctor’s orders!) Sunday. I made my own chicken stock, chocolate chip cookies (I cut the homemade recipe in half because I didn’t have…… Continue reading I am still here…