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Chicken and Biscuits

On Friday night I went over to my friends’ house and cooked dinner, with some help from my friend Danielle. I decided to take a page from Jenna’s playbook, and make chicken & biscuits… it definitely reminded me of being down South. (For those of you who don’t know, my mom is from Tennessee and my dad from North Carolina – I have Southern routes all the way).

I really love this recipe that Jenna posted on her blog. I had to make some adjustments because I forgot to have Jesse pick up mushrooms at the market. Oops. But we had everything else. I made a little extra so that Jesse and Danielle would have lots of leftovers.

It was just a little labor intensive for a Friday night after a long work week. But somehow I had a second wind, and I cooked up a storm with Danielle. We were a little busy cooking, enjoying a glass of wine and unwinding. The dinner was almost complete when I remembered to to bring out my iPhone and snap a picture or two.


chicken & biscuit.jpg

Key ingredients:

potatoes, chicken, parsley, carrots, celery, chicken stock, flour, butter (the rue!) and white pepper – so glad I bought this ingredient a while ago.

Check out Jenna’s blog for the recipe – it is a winner!

This is such a fantastic meal for a cool night. I really think I will make this dish at least a couple of times this winter. One note on the dish: I am amazed by my Les Creuset, making the rue was soo easy and cleaning it was so simple afterwards. Next time I am going to take more photos as I prepare.


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