Just for the record…

OK, just for the record: I do not come home every single night from work all excited and ready to cook. I’m not always bounding into the kitchen ready to create a new recipe and cook up a storm. Sometimes it’s all I can do to open up a can of soup and collapse on…… Continue reading Just for the record…

Dinner · Lunch · Walk


Here is what I wanted to do on this lovely Monday: 1. Sleep in 2. Go for a long run, not rushed by having to think about getting to work. 3. Make pancakes for breakfast 4. Drink coffee leisurely and read the paper, and watch Morning Joe 5. Hang around in yoga pants and a…… Continue reading Monday

Lunch · Running

Uber Monday

Happy Monday, bloggies! How was your Monday? I had a pretty good day considering how exhausted I am. I think the streak really started getting to me on Saturday. I had a decent (but not great) 5.65 mile run on Saturday morning with my running buddy but by Saturday afternoon I was so exhausted. By…… Continue reading Uber Monday

Dinner · Lunch · Workout


I slept really well again last night and I woke up at 8:30 this morning. I enjoyed some coffee and a bagel thin with one tablespoon of peanut butter and a tablespoon of jam.  I was still hungry after breakfast. After spending the morning reading and watching MSNBC, I went to the gym. I biked…… Continue reading Sunday

Breakfast · Dinner · Running

Humpty Dumpty

Congratulations on making it to Wednesday – hump day. When the thought of hump day came into my head as I was riding on the train this morning, Humpty Dumpty popped into my head immediately. Perhaps it is because I have not had coffee yet? Perhaps it is because I am riding on a train…… Continue reading Humpty Dumpty


Long Day…

Well, there is nothing like a fourteen plus hour day for your first day back in the office. No, I’m not kidding. I left my house at 6:10 this morning and got back home at 8:20 tonight. No, I did not go to the gym. I got home from work at 8:20 tonight. I quickly…… Continue reading Long Day…


The Best Day Off…

Today has really been one of the best days off! Ever since I have been back to work after months off from being so sick, I have not had a day off during the week. I am so happy that I scheduled a mini-vacation for myself over the 4th of July weekend. Instead of having…… Continue reading The Best Day Off…


When is it time for a break?

Happy Tuesday night, everyone! Well, today’s post title might say it all. I am giving myself a break tonight. For the past three weeks I have been on the run every night and every weekend. Today I was cranky, tired, hungry and sort of displeased overall. So when I hit a massive traffic jam on…… Continue reading When is it time for a break?


Exercise and Lunch

So… for the first time since the surgery I (I think..?) exercised. I went for a lovely 30 minute walk. Then I walked while I did a couple of errands. (CVS, bookstore, Starbucks.) I walked into, scanned the seating area, noticed that all of the tables and chairs were taken – and I walked out.…… Continue reading Exercise and Lunch

Breakfast · Lunch


I think I might have lost the taste for oatmeal. How sad is that?? I’m going to try it again tomorrow to see if I can start liking it again. It is so good for you and it keeps you full for a really long time. Oats are sort of like a blank canvas and…… Continue reading oats…