Dinner · Lunch · Walk


Here is what I wanted to do on this lovely Monday:

1. Sleep in

2. Go for a long run, not rushed by having to think about getting to work.

3. Make pancakes for breakfast

4. Drink coffee leisurely and read the paper, and watch Morning Joe

5. Hang around in yoga pants and a tee shirt all day

6. Read my book

7. Bake oatmeal cookies

8. Make an amazingly tasty dinner full of fresh ingredients from a local farm

Here is what I did on Monday.

1. Hit snooze on my alarm

2. Got up late

3. Showered, got dressed

4. Went to Starbucks and ordered a soy Misto. I enjoyed it soo much!

5. Drove to work.

6. Did some work.

7. Ate breakfast

Breakfast was Kashi Truly Vanilla oatmeal and a spoonful of Barney Butter. I wish I had blueberries to go with it!

Ok, the numeric list stops here. My day at work went well – but I sort of feel like I ate my way through the day. At 10:30 I had a small (and amazing) piece of coffee cake which I definitely could have done without.

At noon I went for a lovely walk with two of my great friends. On the way back I stopped by the UMASS caf for a small salad to have with lunch:

Image 1.jpg

This salad was as small as it looks. But I knew I needed some vegetables and some protein. Tuna and a couple of sunflower seeds worked for me today. A little while after this small salad, I had a babybel piece of cheese and 5 whole wheat crackers.

A while after (an hour maybe??) I was still hungry, so I went up to the staff fridge to retrieve my Chobani Greek yogurt. It was a vanilla flavor today, and I added a small handful of Kind granola. It was a great afternoon snack and it finally took my hunger away. Phew!

I was really excited for dinner tonight – I was meeting up with one of my best friends from college at one of my favorite places – Zaftigs in Coolidge Corner! I used to live right down the street from my friend Jennifer when I lived in Boston. I miss the days of living in the city and having a simple and easy commute to work.

Before we went to dinner we browsed through Brookline Booksmith one of my all time favorite bookstores ever! I told Jennifer that I was not allowed to buy a new book (I have a lot on my “to read” list) instead I bought three Moleskin notebooks. (A blogger can never have too many!)

Dinner was exceptional, obviously. I ordered The Rachel which is Zaftigs version of a turkey reuben. Yum. I ordered the Russian dressing on the side. Instead of french fries (which I really wanted) I ordered steamed broccolini. It was a great decision 🙂 Instead of a beer or a glass of wine, I ordered a hot tea with honey and lemon. The honey helped my sore throat (which apparently might be allergies. Yuck).


After an hour and a half dinner, Jennifer and I walked around Brookline a bit. We both wanted to hit up JP Licks but neither of us were actually hungry, so we skipped our post dinner ice cream / frozen yogurt tradition. Next time!

I hope that you had a great Monday. What would you have done today if you had your choice and what did you end up doing?

See you tomorrow!


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