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Not Bad for a Monday

I was so thankful for a “not so bad” Monday – how about you? Is it bad that at the end of the day on Monday I sort of have an internal celebration that I’ve made it through the first day of the work week? I might be the only person who does that, I…… Continue reading Not Bad for a Monday


Lunch and a snack

The last two days I have eaten a lot of the same, wonderful food. Pumpkin bread for breakfast as previously posted. A lovely salad with turkey and cashews for lunch and a big bowl of Greek yogurt with blueberries with a handful of Kashi Go Lean Crunch for an afternoon snack. The salad was spinach,…… Continue reading Lunch and a snack

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Tuesday and a New Yogurt!

So much for the creative blog titles this week, I guess. More on the new yogurt in a few minutes. This morning I made a smoothie! I cannot remember why I got out of the habit of making them this summer, but I did. I was happy to have a smoothie this morning. But I…… Continue reading Tuesday and a New Yogurt!


Honey yogurt…

I don’t know about you, but I love honey Fage Greek yogurt. But my friends and I are always talking about the fact that it’s really tough to eat the yogurt the way you want to. When you put the yogurt in the refrigerator the honey gets rock hard. How are you supposed to mix…… Continue reading Honey yogurt…

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2012 – Day Nine: Bring it on Monday…

Bring it on Monday. That was my Facebook status at 5:40 AM this morning. Woo – hoo. I actually woke up on a Monday morning feeling energized and ready to start the week. I guess it helps to know that I have a three day weekend ahead of me. (I’m hoping for some decent running…… Continue reading 2012 – Day Nine: Bring it on Monday…

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Quite the day…

If you went back to work today, how did it go? My day back was not the worst in the world. But it was very quiet in my office and building today. I was the only one in my department at work today, but I was productive and got a lot of things done in…… Continue reading Quite the day…

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Happy Monday everyone! I hope your Monday is flying by and that you have a short work week. I have a two day work week, and at the beginning of the morning I was wondering how I would ever make it through just two days. That probably sounds really weird. But here is the thing:…… Continue reading Snack

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It was a dark and stormy night…

… and I am sitting on the couch, drinking tea and reading my book in front of my fire-place. I am not going to lie, it’s pretty great right now. But I do feel guilty for not going to the gym. But honestly? It is pouring rain right now, and I’ve done two days in…… Continue reading It was a dark and stormy night…

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Post Race Recovery

Hi All: Sorry I have been away for a couple of days. Not too much to report, but I have survived the last couple of days since the half marathon. I took Monday off from work to recover. My knees were sore, and my quads were not exactly thrilled with me on Monday. But all…… Continue reading Post Race Recovery


Grilled Cheese

This week is so busy with work stuff, but the nice thing about being busy with work is that the week goes by pretty quickly.  In some ways it does not feel like Tuesday night, but at the same time I am sort of exhausted. Anyhow, back to the rest of the day… After lunch…… Continue reading Grilled Cheese