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Happy Monday everyone! I hope your Monday is flying by and that you have a short work week. I have a two day work week, and at the beginning of the morning I was wondering how I would ever make it through just two days.

That probably sounds really weird. But here is the thing: Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday and my favorite time of year! I just love it so much.  It is all about family and friends, and (even better? No, just kidding) GOOD FOOD. There is no pressure of gift giving and there is not an overwhelming stream of advertising for Thanksgiving (I hate Christmas commercials, I hate when malls decorate for Christmas in October. I also do not like it when radio stations start playing Christmas music the day after Thanksgiving. Can we at least wait until December?).

To make me even more excited for Thanksgiving, last year I was sick, as some of you might remember. I had the lamest Thanksgiving plate of food and I could not even make a dent in it. I was in pain, unhappy and sad because I was not able to enjoy my favorite day. (Little did I know I would not be able to enjoy Christmas, New Years or my birthday either!) So now I am very eager to have a great holiday with my family and friends!

So anyhow. I am so excited for Thanksgiving!! I can’t wait.

Ok, enough about my slight obsession with this holiday – on to what I’ve been craving and what I ate instead. (A post about the rest of the day later – I promise, although there is nothing really exciting to report.)

I have been craving potato chips all day. I saw a couple of bags of potato chips today and some how I did not purchase them. Instead, when it came time to my afternoon snack, I had a Greek yogurt – similar to the one pictured here:

Actually, I wish I had enjoyed the strawberry banana 2% Chobani for my afternoon snack today. Instead I had the fat free blueberry. It did do the trick – at least I’m no longer hungry. But I am still craving potato chips.

On a week when I know I’ll be spending a decent amount of time eating wonderful food – I am going to make smart choices when it comes to giving in to cravings and what to have for snacks on Monday and Tuesday.  I am also going to do my very best to stick to a strong (but sometimes brief) exercise schedule this week. More on that later.

OK, I’m off – see you all tonight!


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