First Annual Turkey Trot

On Thursday a few of us ran in the first annual Turkey Trot – well, it is the first annual in our house. We all had a ton of fun and we snapped a few photos before we left for the race:


My mom and Katherine ran their first road race on Thanksgiving! I think they had a lot of fun 🙂 It was rather cold before the race. We had layers on but we did our best to shed as many layers as we could before we left the car to head to the start line:


After the half marathon the 5K felt pretty easy for me. I think I PRed in this race, which does not say much since my 5K times are really slow. But it is still nice to see progress in your time. CF snapped a photo as I ran towards the finish:


CF took a great photo of me after the race as I was cheering for the others at our great location along the end of the route:


Mom looked beautiful as she came through the race and kept going towards the finish line:


Post race we grabbed bananas and water. Then we headed over to RíRá – they were running a special for one dollar Guinness for people participating in the Turkey Trot. I did not finish mine, but it sure did taste good after the 3.1 mile run 🙂


After the 5K we took a photo of everyone in their Turkey Trot race shirts:


After the race we all got ready for Thanksgiving dinner. AFM and I made some awesome appetizers, too. The rest of our Thanksgiving day was really fun. I am really glad that everyone ran the Turkey Trot – it was a lot of fun!


2 thoughts on “First Annual Turkey Trot

  1. Congratulations on your first annual Turkey Trot! We do the trot here in Dallas every year, though my job is to get the runners to the line on time (a job in itself). We only had one runner this year – but it was still fun.

    My blog entry on our Turkey Trot:

    Your blog on health and exercise if very interesting and inspiring. Thanks for sharing.

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