Happy Friday, blog readers! Did you make it through the week relatively unscathed? I hope so. My body (mentally and physically) is definitely a little confused with this unseasonal weather we have been having – but I guess we can enjoy it now because on Monday night we are going to see a low of…… Continue reading Friday


Saturday Morning: The Tale of Two Coffee Shops

For the record, Friday was not a stellar day for me. I spent most of the day at work with weird sharp pains in my stomach area, on my left side. When I was sick with appendicitis, I never had feelings like this in my right side or else I would have gone to the…… Continue reading Saturday Morning: The Tale of Two Coffee Shops


2012 – Day Seven. Taking it on the Road…

The first full week of 2012 is concluding today. I still find myself wondering what this year has in store for me, and there are just 51 weeks left. Do you ever find it amazing how time goes by so quickly?? I’m not going to dwell on it – but I am always amazed by…… Continue reading 2012 – Day Seven. Taking it on the Road…


Good Morning…

I like writing morning posts. I hope you are all having a good morning. Today is my day of rest. I slept in until 8:30 and then stayed in bed for a few minutes watching one of my favorite morning shows… Most folks enjoy watching The Today Show, or Good Morning America in the morning.…… Continue reading Good Morning…


What are you craving?

Hi All – I hope that everyone is having a good day.  It is Wednesday, hump day, which seems so weird since it is only the second day of our work week. My friends and I have recently been talking about things that we are craving and I thought it was really interesting. Most of…… Continue reading What are you craving?

Breakfast · Dinner · Lunch · Running · Walk


Hey All – Wow, I am so excited that tomorrow is Friday!  I got up at 6:30 again this morning and I did make stove top oats. I can officially say this was the best bowl of oats I’ve ever made! Here is what the oat combo was: 3/8 cup dry rolled oats 1/8 oat…… Continue reading Thursday