2012 – Day Seven. Taking it on the Road…

The first full week of 2012 is concluding today. I still find myself wondering what this year has in store for me, and there are just 51 weeks left. Do you ever find it amazing how time goes by so quickly?? I’m not going to dwell on it – but I am always amazed by this.

I had a few things on the agenda today. But the main thing was to run. My long run was scheduled for today, and I was pretty intimidated by it. Eight miles. Obviously I have run this far before, but sometimes long runs are just out there, in front of me and I can let the mileage get into my head. Eight miles seems like a lot to run by yourself (at least it does to me) and I wondered how I would get through it. Part of me also wondered if I should do seven miles instead of eight since I was already one mile ahead of the training schedule for the week. I just decided that I would see how I was feeling.

I woke up around 8:30 and finally got out of bed at 8:45 or so. I drank a cup of coffee with 1% milk. I quickly ate a slice of Arnold’s sandwich thin bread with a smear of (maybe??) one tablespoon of peanut butter on it. This was probably not enough to fuel an 8 mile run I thought. But it was all I had time for because I had to run an errand with my mom.

Once I returned around 10 o’clock I got ready for my run. I was curious and concerned with the weather. I knew it was going to be a warm day, considering it is January 7 and the forecast was calling for temperatures in the 50s. I dressed in my running tights (the ones that come to the knees) a Nike racing tank top, and a long sleeved UA shirt. I also put on the compression sleeves on my legs.

By the time I was three miles into the run I was BOILING in the long sleeved shirt. So I made a quick detour to my friends Danielle and Jesse’s house. I dropped off my long sleeved shirt with them and felt so much better for the rest of the eight miles. I could not believe that I was running in a tank top in JANUARY in New England. This is very concerning to me. I feel guilty because I am lucking out with the weather when it comes to my training for my upcoming races, but every time I think about how it is nice to run in weather that is not freezing cold – I am reminded about how horrible this is. It is way too warm. I am not going to lecture about climate change – but I’m just saying.

On my run (around mile four) I had the peanut butter GU for the first time. It is official. I ❤ peanut butter GU. I loved it. I also sort of liked the fact that it is caffeine free. Eventually (at mile 7.2) I ran by Danielle and Jesse’s again to pick up my long sleeved shirt. I wrapped it around my waste for the remaining mile I had to run. When I got back to my gym I took a picture to document the fact that I was wearing what I was:


Crazy, freaky weather.

After my 8.1 miles I showered at the gym and then took the blog on the road – right into Starbucks. I had to use my birthday drink coupon before January 10, so I wanted to take advantage of it today – a great reward after my run. I also ordered a yogurt with granola, strawberries and blueberries.


The yogurt mixture was approximately 300 calories – I might have consumed less than that because I did not eat the gewy sugary stuff at the bottom. The drink I ordered was a Venti, skim latte with one shot of vanilla. I have quite the set up at Starbucks right now:


I plan on enjoying my drink for a while (I ate the yogurt in the first five minutes, I was pretty much starving) and have a low key rest of the day.

Hope your Saturday is going well, too. Enjoy this freakish weather if you live in the Providence area. :-/


2 thoughts on “2012 – Day Seven. Taking it on the Road…

    1. It was a lovely day! I feel lucky that I am training for a marathon with such mild winter weather. I can’t help but wonder what the weather will be like on Feb 26 for my next half marathon! Happy running & thanks for reading!

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