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Tuesday: Soup, and More Soup!

I’ll be honest with you – I was sort of dreading going back to work after a wonderful week of vacation. But so far the week really has not been that bad. The days are going by quickly and I have been busy and enjoying it for the most part. I hope this continues! My…… Continue reading Tuesday: Soup, and More Soup!

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I am back…

Oh, I have missed you, blog and blog readers! I have been so busy at work and then I went on vacation and now I am back at work and sort of on a detox 🙂 Not that I ate badly, but I did let myself eat whatever I wanted while on vacation and it…… Continue reading I am back…



Hi Blog Readers: Is this work week going by quickly for you? Up until this afternoon my work week was zipping right along! Around 2:30 this afternoon I felt like I was at a stand still. I have to get up really early tomorrow morning (5AM) work a full day, drive home in Friday traffic…… Continue reading Thursday

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Inspired by Julia

Good evening, blog readers. Tonight I was inspired by Julia. Julia Child, that is (of course!!!) and I have to thank my blog reader and friend, Marilyn because she gave me Julia’s Mastering the Art of French Cooking several years ago. It is (obviously) one of my favorite cookbooks. I have been craving mushrooms lately.…… Continue reading Inspired by Julia

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Fresh Vegetables

So it has been a while since my last blog post! Last week was downright crazy at work – and I spent the weekend cooking fresh vegetables and recovering from my long week. On Saturday I went to the Farmer’s Market on the East Side of Providence – a great time to go, there was…… Continue reading Fresh Vegetables